The Writer's View: Dean C. Moore

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The Writer’s View

I look out my window on about ten acres of forest, at the border of which are any number of bird feeders. I had a special container put in to attract the goldfinches and to detract all the less colorful brown birds who just wanted to visit blandness upon my day. The poor goldfinches, however, are made to eat their seed upside down, as apparently, they’re the only birds which can, and it’s the only way to deter the other nasty “predators.” Factor in the squirrels, the dazzling scarlet red finches, and the occasional lost bird from some tropical paradise (of all the places to get lost from!), and it all sounds rather idyllic. Until nightfall comes, and the hoot owl starts in, the crickets, the neighbor’s blood hounds (those dogs do not bark, they have a haunting, crying howl they do that sounds as if someone’s torturing them.)

Come dawn, there are the not one, not two, but three neighbor’s cocks crowing, more dogs barking (she has twelve of them) and the cats come out to menace my birds. Being quite the bird enthusiast, the neighbors and I are seldom more than seconds away from a blood feud that would give the Hatfield and McCoy clans pause. I’ve held myself in check thanks to my meditative practice, some natural tranquilizers I hear are superior to any you can buy from the pharmacist, and the image of what would happen to me if I pulled out my .22 and shot one of those cats. I have a .22; they have several shot guns, scoped rifles, camou gear, oh, and a canon. All in all, I’ve decided I love cats. And that it’s really just nature taking its course.

On the other side of that window is another world entirely which, unlike the forest, respects no natural rhythms. The cycles of night and day, the four seasons, even the endless turn of animals and insects mating and having fun, reproducing and dying, have failed to impart the least bit of order to my life. I write at all hours of the day. When I got tired being wakened by dreams and flashes of insight on how to get around sticking points in my story and then having to wait for the computer to boot up, and risk losing the text spilling out of my brain a mile a minute, I simply left the computer on.

The orderly thing to do on this side of the window would be to work on one book at a time, edit it, publish it, market it, then move on to the other. Sigh. Are there really people in the world this linear? Just like I read several books at once, I write several books at once. When they finally come to fruition it’s more like a tree bearing fruit out of season. I have to rush around and collect the harvest before it rots. Translation: I now have to figure out how to market a bunch of books that I would have been wise to start marketing one at a time, in a more linear fashion, some months or years back, and get them in front of readers before my prescient sci-fi reads more like ancient history. Alas, while I respect logic, I’m clearly not governed by it.

Are there signs about the room that point to my hopefully subclinical ADHD? Well, in one corner are the gardening books from when I was determined to be an organic gardener. I read them all like I was going for a graduate degree in the subject. And while I’m still in love with this fantasy version of myself that takes advantage of living in the country and gets up every morning and grounds himself by turning earth over in his hands, I’ve decided that it is indeed just a fantasy; I’m a child of the virtual world, and the real world, as close as it is out that window, may as well be a million miles away. The only reason the room doesn’t have more evidence of prior “episodes” is I must clear away the past mistakes to make room for the new. Like the time I was going to become a Zen master, and declare my rural property sacred ground and a church devoted to enlightenment. Some of those books are still hidden in the closet.

It’s a small room, but it still bears witness to the many “wrong” turns in life that have made my life all the sweeter as a consequence.

Fraternal twins are separated from birth, and raised to be assassins. They were never meant to meet. But even when kept apart, they’re just too powerful. Their paranormal abilities cease to be an advantage when they can no longer be controlled. So they are scheduled for cancellation.

Their paths cross before they can be taken out. It is only then that they discover the true depths of their betrayal. Not only are they stronger when they’re together, they’re half-breeds, sired by an all-powerful warlock.

The question is, are they strong enough even together to take him on now that he’s coming for them?

They have an ace up their sleeves they are not aware of. Drawn to the same kind of women, they find themselves married to a pair of sorceresses whose magical abilities are only now surfacing.

But one encounter with dear old dad is all it takes for them to realize, they’re still the underdogs.

From the back of the book:

“The series is called Blood Brothers, but this adventure is really a family affair: the brothers, their partners, children and even their old man in a starring role as the villain. Think Disney's Incredibles, but in a violent and bizarre fantasy world.” Rob May, Dragon Killer

“With incredibly detailed world building and action scenes, this story seems like it would make a phenomenal film or TV series.

Moore pulls out all the stops with dragons, telekinesis, shapeshifters and insurmountable odds in this battle of good versus evil - and a villain who just won't lay down and die.” Demelza Carlton, Ocean’s Gift

“When you read a Dean C. Moore novel, you can expect rich, original characters, witty dialogue and unexpected plot turns. Blood Brothers doesn't disappoint.” JC Gatlin, Designated Survivor

About the Author:
I write sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventures and thrillers, or some combination thereof—usually with a strong vein of dark humor. Though, my works are dramas first; the humor is there to take the edge off as with the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Transformers, and Jurassic Park franchises.

I wrote screenplays for a while, and while enjoying them, I found them a bit confining. After a while you just need the extra page count to flesh out characters better and do additional world building, especially when considering doing anything epic in scope. I also took a run at future forecasting and trend tracking, being as I always had my head in the future, things like Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock. I also relished this, and can certainly see myself releasing a few titles accordingly in the nonfiction area. But since delving into novels, short and long, I’ve definitely found my home and my voice. For the first time I feel the restraints have been taken off of my imagination. I suppose all mediums have their limits, so I may end up doing a mix of things, but I suspect I will continue to spend most of my time with novels. Series add an additional dimension, allowing for even more depth and development both in the character and world building departments. But I remain at heart a divergent thinker, so, no surprise, I seem to have more series going than follow up installments at this point. That too may change over time; we’ll see. Until then, it may be best to just think of these books as one-offs if you’re fond of my writing style and some of the themes I work with.

My current catalog of twelve books represents a little over five years' worth of work. I'm currently averaging a couple books annually. Of my existing franchises with multiple installments, The Hundred Year Clone books can be read in any order, while the 5 books of Renaissance 2.0 must be read in sequence as they form part of a singular story arc (much as with A Game of Thrones.)

I live in the country where I breed bluebirds, which are endangered in these parts, as my small contribution to restoring nature's balance. When I'm not writing, or researching my next book, I may also be found socializing with friends, or working in my organic garden.

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Thanks for hosting!
Dean C. Moore said…
Thanks for hosting, Judy! It's a pleasure to be on your fun site. I imagine that any book lover would want to hang out here at length.

I’d also like to thank anyone who might be stopping by and leaving comments or questions for me (perhaps based on the guest post, but truly on any subject related to writing they would like). I’ll be in and out throughout the day to interact with readers.
MomJane said…
I really enjoyed your comments. The excerpt was excellent.
Dean C. Moore said…
Thanks, MomJane, for the comment and for following along with the tour. You've become a comforting, recurring presence.
Rita said…
I enjoyed the post.
Dean C. Moore said…
Thanks, Rita. I hope I put a smile on your face at least once or twice.
SportsMangaMama said…
Ha! That part with the books So sounds like me. I cringe at what remains from my self help phase (Chicken Soup for the Soul anyone?) Thanks for such a great perspective and Blood Brothers sounds like one heck of a ride (sorry not sure what was allowed...)

Great job!

Mary Preston said…
I had to laugh at the gardening books. I read cook books & I hate to cook.