The Writer's View: Naomi Stone

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The Writer's View

The view inside my writing space has been going through a lot of changes. First, I don't do all my writing in any one space. Sometimes I write in cafes or fast food joints, sometimes on a moving bus or train, and only sometimes at my desk at home - and even that has been changing because I've moved house three times in the last three months. This last factor has not been entirely voluntary - I don't have a steady income and housing has been a difficulty.

One thing that situation taught me is that writing is more a source of stability in my life than any set of walls. The walls are necessary, of course. I'm always thankful, many times over, to have shelter and a safe place to set up my computers and lay my head at night, and a place where my Tigger can feel secure. This said, the story is with me whether I'm at home or sitting in the local Wendy's. The story is with me on the bus, at the library, walking in the woods. I've worked on my stories when I had temp assignments and they have been with me in the break rooms and lunchrooms of non-profit and profit-driven businesses alike. And maybe one of the reasons that stories are valuable to readers is that they do allow us to get outside the walls of our own lives without having to abandon those walls entirely. We can visit other worlds, live other lives and still have the comforts of our familiar homes and surroundings there for us when we need them.

About the Author:
It all started when my parents had to go and teach me to talk. Then they sent me to school where I learned to read and write. I learned to read and pretty soon I fell in love with books and stories. I loved fairy tales and tales of magic from the very start. Even before that I loved to daydream; I daydreamed myself into adventures with my favorite TV characters. I dreamed up adventures crossing time and space on my own, meeting characters out of history and stories. Books gave me the sense that there was a home waiting for my daydreams, a place where they belonged.

Greg Roberts has been in love with the girl next door since they were both twelve, but Gloria Torkinson is engaged to marry someone else. Greg can only respect her choice in the matter - until his fairy godmother pops in with a different idea. As a mysterious, masked superhero Greg can appear to Gloria in a whole new light and win her love. But super-heroing is trickier than Greg knew, creating its own problems and uncovering inimical forces in his world that he never suspected. He'll have to discover the true hero in himself before he can set things to right and win at love.

Buy the book at Lyrical Press.


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Catherine Lee said…
As a librarian, I'm glad to read that you have gone to the Library to write. I have several authors who come to my Library to work.
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Emily said…
Thanks for sharing about your writing spaces. I'll have to see if some of your ideas work for me (I'm open to suggestions).

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