The Writer's View: DL Larson

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The Writer's View

The View inside my writing space

Neat and Tidy do not come often to visit and for that I am ever thankful. Even when there are stacks and stacks of material setting around my office, which is nearly every day, I can land my hand on what I need without much thought. The opposite is true after a good cleaning, stacking and putting away. I think I will remember. I label, mark and promise myself I will remember. I used to be a secretary, I know how to file, to organize and prioritize. I should be able to remember! The secretary Deb Larson and the writer DL Larson rarely think alike. It's as if two people work at the same desk. Disconcerting comes to mind, weird even, and I fumble about looking for ~ that paper I had right there yesterday. Somebody moved it! More than once I've asked that somebody, "what in the world did you do with that paper?"

I've gone so far as to leave myself notes, like cookie crumbs to follow. Here are a few I have leftover from cleaning last month for our week-long company.

- Altar Book is above computer - right side
- Send new blog stuff to Morgan - papers in yellow folder
- check Amazon author central - icon on desktop
- class you enrolled in - #59 classroom - stuff in yellow folder
- do homework for blog tour - yellow notebook - pics in pics folder under:_____________
I never knew I liked yellow so much. And I had a devil of a time finding the pictures I needed for this blog. Perseverance won out and now everyone knows how untidy I can be. My only defense is a quote from Louisa May Alcott, "She is too fond of books, and it has addled her brain."

View outside my window

The view from my office window is rather restricted. I can see the blacktop and part of my flowerbed if I stretch my neck. The ash tree is in perfect line and I love watching it turn color in the fall and fill with snow in the winter.

The view I'm more used to seeing is the one out my dining room windows. I commandeered our dining table many years ago as my writing space. I love spreading things out and having room to work. The view has changed quite a bit in the fifteen years we have lived here. My family and I planted the evergreen trees when our house was first built. For years I could see several miles in three directions. I could judge the weather by how fast the cars traversed on the highway. The trees now block that view and the noisy traffic. So I feel it's a good compromise. I can still see the fields and blue, blue sky all around. It's a great place to work and think.

So tell me, how are the views inside and outside your work space? I'd love to hear about it.

Thank you for having me today!

DL Larson, author

About the Author:
DL Larson always thought she’d be a city girl, but instead, she has spent the last 40 years surrounded by corn fields. She lives in northern Illinois and enjoys the outdoors, especially gardening, boating and bike riding with her family.

Reading is a big part of DL’s life, both professionally as a writer and as a Children’s Librarian. She likes being in the know, seeing firsthand what folks like to read. Going back to school as an adult rejuvenated her desire to become a novelist. The writing awards she received lifted her up and reinforced her drive to tell the best story she could. Her second novel, Promises To Keep was a 2008 Reader’s Choice Recipient.

DL is a WindyCity member of RWA. She blogs each Thursday at .

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Deb Larson said…
Thank you for hosting me today. I really can't believe I sent pictures of my messy desk. Please tell me I'm not the only writer who struggles with a tidy office.
I do make my bed every day ~ does that make-up for my slob of an office?
DL Larson
Jade3323 said…
Hey Deb,
Great space here! Don't worry about your desk, if it's not messy than it doesn't look like you work! So the messier the better?! Love the pictures of your "views".
Love ya,
Deb Larson said…
Hi Monica ~
Thanks for stopping! And yes, I do have pretty good views out my windows.
take care ~