VBT: That Girl Started Her Own Country

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A thrilling tale of wrongful-imprisonment, international intrigue and one brave young woman’s fight to free herself from injustice. Meet the beautiful, witty and intelligent Zaydee, aka Princess Jane Doe, as she plays an increasingly complex game of cat and mouse with her captors to free herself from their shackles.

Read an excerpt:

It wasn't real, yet she enjoyed the sound of it more than her birth name. She repeated it in her mind, "Zaydee, Zaydee, Zaydee."

She vaguely recalled that it was her maternal great-grandmother’s name. She worked hard to escape her ugly past. It wasn’t easy to overcome the false headlines such as “Ritual Serial Killer.”

Two more plastic surgeries had made her designer appearance unrecognizable compared to her younger image. Her ill-gotten wealth decreased her former frugality as she began spending more than her yearly interest income on private jet-setting.

Dipping into her principal was not good, she told herself. Yet her self-esteem rose with her image as an international playgirl. She lost track of conquests, ignorant of the countless male and female hearts she had broken. Still, she managed to keep them on a string.

There was only one man that she had fallen in love with, but she kept him distant from her new extravagant lifestyle.

On reflective, lonely nights, Zaydee would sometimes tap into his computer’s server which she had turned into a bot slave. He knew that she had done so when they worked together to catch his friends’ killers, those she was falsely accused of killing.

First she had saved his life, subsequently he returned the favor. He trusted her so much that he didn’t mind that she controlled his computer’s server. But he had no proof she still checked in on him.

It came as a shock to her to learn that he had entered his career as an investigative journalist under a pen name.

How did he get away with that for so long?

It was big news that his real name was Steven F. Larson, splashed across the headline of every newspaper in Europe. Taking on the Bilderbergers had gotten some very powerful people on the offensive.

About the Author: Who is The Holy Ghost Writer?

The mystery of the identity of the author is part of an international contest. The first person to discover the identity of the HG Writer, from the clues found in the Count of Monte Cristo sequels, will receive a reward of $1000. Write to prize@sultanofmontecristo.com in order to win this reward along with letting us know the clues that led you to discovering the identity of the author. Should you wish your discovery to be known in the press, that opportunity will also be afforded. Those that already know the author or have worked with him/her will not qualify. Good luck.

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Mary Preston said…
I must say that the title intrigues as well.

Shannon R said…
This book sounds so mysterious, I wonder why she changed her appearance so. I can't want to dig into the story

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Ingeborg said…
Sounds like a fabulous book.

Gala said…
I love journals but mostly do my writing on my computer. How about you, are you still using a paper notebook for notes or writing stories down?

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Jibriel said…
Do you have a favorite author?

Anonymous said…
What a fascinating excerpt with past "Ritual Serial Killer" headlines, plastic surgeries to change her appearance and now international playgirl.

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Ami said…
could you imagine to turn your book in an audiobook as well?

Lena said…
Sounds intriguing!

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bn100 said…
Interesting title.

Emily said…
I can't wait to read this book, it sounds really exciting.
Hope said…
Excellent excerpt, this books sounds intriguing.