BOOK REVIEW: MY FALLEN by Ashlyn Mathews

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When a normally quiet and polite Vampire Slayer is tasked to help an arrogant and selfish demon, only trouble can ensue.

Guilt-ridden by a mistake that cost her fellow Slayers their lives and the subsequent tarnished reputation of her brother’s business, Slayer-born Elise Castle agrees to work with the sexy, but arrogant and selfish, Xavier Doom, by bringing in his demon-turned-vampire friend. If she succeeds, her brother can hire more Slayers while Xavier’s status guarantees them more clients.

Xavier is a Fallen, a special kind of demon with an insatiable appetite for women, money and power. When his best friend is kidnapped and turned into a vampire, he hires the best Slayer money can buy. If the Slayer fails, Xavier stands to lose not only his childhood friend, but the opportunity to skyrocket his wealth with the top secret information hidden in his friend’s mind.

Xavier’s arrogance grates on her nerves while his concern and charm reels Elise in. But can she give her heart to a creature like her father, a Fallen, who had abandoned his family for the appeal of money and power? Or will she see Xavier for the good and loyal man he truly is?

Defiant and strong-willed, Elise is a challenge. Yet her strength and courage appeals to Xavier while her no sex policy has him hot for her. As his feelings for her grow, he must make a decision. Give his heart and soul to a woman who can only offer him her love, or walk away from her and seize the chance for more money and power?

Lives and friendships are at stake while love and loyalty is put to the test. Will Elise and Xavier come out unscathed and together? Or will a secret from Elise’s past tear them apart?

I have to admit-- at the beginning of this book I did NOT like Xavier Doom. He is arrogant and the first words out of his mouth are pretty crude declarations of what he wants to do with Elise. And, personally, I wish there had been more tension between the two rather than Elise and Xavier giving in to their desires as easily as they did.

Apart from that small matter, though, I really enjoyed the book. It almost reads like the second book of series--and I hope Ashlyn has more books in store about this world. There are several of the secondary characters I would like to know more about--Ana and Fox's story; whether or not Drake will get his HEA; the stories of the other Knights, for a few.

Elise has trouble trusting Xavier--or any man beside Drake--and once the author reveals the reason, her actions are entirely understandable. And, as the relationship develops both sets of barriers start coming down.

I look forward to more books by this author--especially if set in this same world.

About the Author:
Ashlyn Mathews is a paranormal and contemporary romance author. She is fascinated with strong men and women who walk a fine line between good and evil, happiness and loneliness, and duty to family and love.

A big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Japanese Anime, she incorporates various weapons into her paranormal romances and gives her characters out-of-this-world names just because she can. She lives in the inspiring gloom of the Pacific Northwest with her husband, four young boys and a Golden Retriever that likes to boss her around. When she’s not writing, you can find her at her day job, shuttling her boys to and from soccer practices and games, listening to music, reading, or connecting with others on Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter: @ashlynmathews


Thank you for hosting
Can't wait to read it!
I can NOT wait to read it!
Ashlyn said…
Thank you for reviewing My Fallen. Plan on more from my Demon Knight series and also a short story, a prequel with Ana and Fox's love story.
Sounds interesting!I like a hero with a little bit of an edge that needs to be explained and then softened by the heroine. In real life we don't always make good first impressions, either, so it make sense that we may need to stick around and see what the author has in mind. Good review!
Tricia Skinner said…
I need to buy this. Sigh... why am I poor?
Cecy said…
So excited for this series!
Anna Brentwood said…
Sounds like you are busy and on a roll with more great things. Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Ashlyn, is this book a follow on to your Shadow Watcher book? Or is it a new series? I wasn't sure because of the review comment indicating it seemed like the second book in the series.

This is a good review. Honest about feelings regarding Xavier but in the end she still liked the book.
bn100 said…
Very nice review.

Ashlyn said…
This is the first book in my planned Knights series. Anna and Cecy, thank you for stopping by :).
Emily said…
Thanks for the review, this sounds like a really interesting book.

Ashlyn said…
The winner of this stop is Brenda Tetrault. Congrats! The winner of the grand prize (a beautiful jewelry holder) is bn100. And the host winner is The Wormhole Blog. Again, thank you for hosting me and thanks everyone for your comments.