Cuban-born, award-winning Miami Architect and successful real estate developer Cid Milan suddenly faces a dilemma when his dying father reveals to him a shocking twenty-five year old family secret. Cid realizes there is only one thing he can do to unravel the mystery of his own past and right the wrongs committed. He must return to the land he abandoned. In his quest, Cid rediscovers himself and his roots as he searches frantically throughout Cuba for his teenage flame, Sandra, and the secret she kept from him all these years. In the process, Cid learns an invaluable lesson about love, forgiveness and redemption which changes his life forever.

He's handsome, rich, successful, and in a relationship with a beautiful model. He has it all--or does he? Nobody realizes the emptiness inside caused by what he perceives as the betrayal and rejection of the one woman he loved. When his father reveals the truth of that, events are set in motion which will forever change Cid Milan.

However Long the Night is very much a plot-driven book. There were some very interesting characters--loved the blonde porn stars mom and daughter--but they were not the focus of the book. The story was...and there were enough twists, turns, and almost-misses to keep me reading to find out what happened.

There was one character in the book that overshadowed the others--and the changes in that character, the effects those changes had on the plot were vital--Cuba itself. I was fascinated by seeing Cuba through the eyes of Cid--the Cuba he remembered, the Cuba he returned to.

All in all, However Long the Night was a very interesting book, and I look forward to reading more of David Pereda's work.


Thank you for hosting David today.
David Pereda said…
Thank you for having me on your blog today and for the interesting review. I'll be in and out all day to answer questions and comments about the book and about anything else you and your readers would like to address.
MomJane said…
What a great review. I have really enjoyed following your tour. It is fascinating to read what other people like about your story. This reviewer said a lot of things that I would like to read about.