Countdown to Christmas 9 Days and Thursday Thirteen: Kendall Grace

A special welcome to Kendall Grace on her Virtual Book Tour for Come Undone, organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Kendall is sharing with us today:

Thirteen Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Writing

1. An outline of the story is important. Very. The Panster Ahoy ship can sink unexpectedly and quickly.

2. You can develop TMJ from the anxiety involved with writing for publication (and night mouth guards ain’t cheap).

3. Others won’t view your writing as serious unless you get a book contract.

4. The word “that” and “of” are really very useless in the English language.

5. Characters favorite time to come out and play is in the middle of the night.

6. You will not remember the great scene the characters show you in the middle of the night the next morning so you must get up and make notes then. Right then.

7. You will begin to narrate your own actions in your head in the third person (or is this just me?).

8. You will obsessively check your inbox like a mad person while a sub is out.

9. When you do finally get a contract it’s possible to panic, after the initial rush, from fear you might not have what it takes to actually keep writing books and keep getting contracts.

10. The muse does not always cooperate and tends to take a hike when there is actually time to sit down and write.

11. Writers are amongst some of the most supportive and encouraging people out there.

12. You must remember the calories in/calories out formula, as you can’t write while jogging.

13. The pure joy you receive when you get that first contract makes everything you’ve gone through worthwhile.

You can follow the rest of Kendall's tour here. Remember to leave a comment to be included in the drawing for a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

And now... on to the countdown video:


CountryDew said…
That's an interesting Thursday Thirteen. Thank you for sharing. Sounds like Kendall Grace had found the writing process to be hard but rewarding.
Kendall Grace said…
Thanks for having me today!
Adelle Laudan said…
I concur on every one of these. I would have added, writing the book is the easy part. lol

Happy Holidays!
Kendall Grace said…
LOL, Adelle. That should have been included for sure!

Country Dew, I do find it rewarding. When I look back at it I have no idea how I did it, but whatever works, right?!
colleen said…
When notes and inspiration meet a good story is born. I can write without the muse but it's like watering my garden with a hose when it really needs a downpour rain.
Kendall Grace said…
Well said, Colleen. I know exactly what you mean. The muse does make it much more productive, but it can be done, although painfully, when that muse does not cooperate!
I am Harriet said…
Maybe I should stay away from becoming a writer :)

Have a great Thursday!
Kendall Grace said…
What,you don't want to suffer with the rest of us, Harriet? Come on in, the water's fine... ;-)
Virginia said…
Yes! Agree with all of this and would add that even if you outline, your characters seem to take off road trips, on the spur of the moment, leaving you to get them back on track.
Sandee said…
Number 13 says it all and makes the other 12 seem like no big deal at all.

Have a terrific TT. :)
Alice Audrey said…
Regarding #4 - that's for sure!
Kendall Grace said…
Thanks for stopping by, ladies. I think we could probably very easily add to this list :)
Xakara said…
You are so write on all of them! And thanks for sharing #7, I don't feel so alone now. :)

Happy Release & Happy TT,

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~Sarah~ said…
But I love 'that'! I know it's superfluous but sometimes it makes a nice turn of phrase.

I know you are right.

(Notice my self control and lack of 'that'?)

Kendall Grace said…
Oh yay! Someone else who does #7. I think everyone who has said it's just me is lying ;-)

And great restraint on not using "that" Sarah. LOL.