Things I Should be Doing Instead of TT

1. Writing the interview for next week's LASR Interview. Pssst...Stephanie Draven will be joining us as part of her Blog Tour for her new release Poisoned Kisses.

2. Writing the interview for next week's Whipped Cream Interview. Raine Delight is joining us and giving away an awesome Halloween surprise.

3. Coding the pages for next week's Author Spotlight on Michelle Picard as part of her Virtual Book Tour

3. Coding the pages for next week's WC Spotlight on Annabel Joseph

4. Write the interview with Simone Elkeles for Aurora

5. Check on email for the Goddess Fish tours we have running

6. Finish my office (our son moved out to college and took all his furniture, so we took over his room.. mwhahahah....)

7. Clean the kitchen

8. Write.

9. Finish getting ready for work./p>

10. Vacuum the house./p>

11. Dust

12. Weed my roses

13. Did I mention work?

But.. instead.. I'm doing Thursday Thirteen... the rest will be here tonight when I get back from (you guessed it... ) work.

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Tho, I'm sure you'll miss your son sorely, having the 'extra room' will be so nice!!!
i beati said…
wow I thought I had a lot !!sk
Xakara said…
There are always so many other things we should be doing, especially writing. But I'm always glad when people take the time. I've missed TT the last few years. :)

Happy TT,

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Brenda ND said…
You sound like me. Lots of things to do and you're still blogging. :) Happy TT!
I am Harriet said…
Why bother- stuff will just get messy again :)

Have a great Thursday!
Yes ... yes you should be doing all those things. *G*