3WW: 10/13

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Today's words are: absolve, hiss, ridicule

Julianne darted to the door, but even as fast as she moved, by the time she reached the opening, she could see nothing in front of her. No robed figure, no furniture, no light at all. Except for the foot or so she could see from the light behind her, there was total darkness ahead of her.

Hissing in frustration, Julianne turned. There were no matches laying unattended on any of the dusty surfaces and, of course, she had left her flashlight in the car. Who expected to need a flashlight in the afternoon? Even as gloomy an afternoon as this one should have afforded enough light through windows to be able to see. Absolving herself of the guilt of not being prepared, Julianne made a mental note that the next time she returned to the house, she would have everything she needed and more.

Her friends may ridicule her, but her aunt had left her this house and she was determined to find out why--disappearing robed figures, rooms without windows, or any other thing the went bump in the night or not.


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Dreamer said…
Spooky! Would love to know if she found out why her aunt left her a haunted house.
Anonymous said…
Maybe her aunt loved her, and maybe there is nothing in there to be afraid of. Just maybe...
R.S. Bohn said…
Aaargh! After last week's and this week's, I'm dying to know the mystery. I am hoping that next week's will give us another piece?
Deborah said…
Oooh ... I'd like to know more!
Ramesh Sood said…
VL Sheridan said…
This is a great opening. Would love to see where this goes.
Neat! I hope next week brings more of this!
ThomG said…
Cool and creepy.
OMJ said…
At first I thought she was in a church or chapel.