People Watching

Working at the library is a chance to do a lot of people watching. It's interesting to see how people interact with each other. And, it's a marvelous chance to pick up mannerisms and speech patterns for characters :-) I daresay some of my patrons will make it into my books in one form or another.

For the majority of time, we have great patrons. Then...there's that patron. If you've ever worked in an service industry, you know the ones I mean. Fortunately, at our library, each of us have a different that patron...the one when you see them coming through the door, you suddenly have something urgent to work on in the office-- let someone else help

Have you ever had people you have to deal with who just annoy you? I would love to hear about them.

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And now... in a time-honored tradition, I bring you my answers to Marianne's quiz (this is from yesterday...she's late this morning. If I get the chance will repost today's quiz as well):

You Are Considerate

You always notice those around you, and you are very polite. Manners come first for you.

Relationships are the cornerstone of your life, and it's important for you to get along with people.

You are the ideal friend. You are dependable, down to earth, and a great listener.

You support your friends and family as much as you can. You love to help other people thrive.

Edited to Add

And, today's quiz:

You Are Refined

You aren't uptight, but you are still very polished and polite. You are graceful.

You are classic, both in style and tastes. You don't even notice trends.

You are charming and charismatic. You are good at smoothing over even the most difficult situations.

You are eloquent and understated. You don't keep going once you feel someone gets the point.


Marianne Arkins said…
Yes... I was late. Bad me. But now you can do today's quiz tomorrow!

RE: people who make you crazy. When I worked at the bank, I was the teller favored by Viola, our eccentric (very wealthy) bag lady. She wore a ragged coat, pinned her money inside her glove, had few teeth, stringy, unwashed gray hair and stunk to high heaven. But she was sharp as a tack and funny. Still, she would spend HOURS with me, making me jump through hoops. I dreaded seeing her walk in, but she would only let me help her, and if I wasn't there that day, she'd just go away and come back when I was.