Middle of the Week Musings

Working at the library gives you a chance to see a wide range of humans. There's the person who is very concerned when they have a ten cent fine. There's the person who pays their fine down to $9.95 so they can still use their card, but heaven forbid they try to pay it all off. Then there are the people who try to figure out a way they can still use their card, no matter that they have lost a $20 DVD and have yet to pay for it. People are funny.engulf, imminent, tamper

What is your reaction when and if you take a book back late to the library?


It's been a long time since I participated in 3 Word Wednesday, but here are today's 3 words: engulf, imminent, tamper

Waves of imminent danger engulfed Julianne as she stood motionless outside the heavy oak door. She reached out her hand but jerked it back before she reached the doorknob. There were "more things in heaven and hell, Horatio" and she didn't know if she should tamper with them or not.


Our daily "how much are Marianne and Judy alike?" quiz:

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You Should Stay Away from Red

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Red sometimes represents defiance and strain. You are too harmonious to want to be near either of those.

Red also can point to too much passion or intensity. If you want to remain peaceful, stay away from this color.


Rinkly Rimes said…
I wish you'd entered and told us what was there!
haisley said…
HI!!!! Nice one
christopher said…
Cats hate doors.
Deborah said…
Wonderfully written 3WW ... and as for the library thing, I agree, people most definitley are a funny bunch, and I'd have to pay up before I even dared show my card! :o)
Dreamer said…
I wonder if curiosity won over common sense :)
Amity said…
wise use of the prompts... :)

what's inside anyway? of course you know... :)
Anonymous said…
loved the 3WW post :) mysterious ...
Old Mason Jar said…
Great 3WW!
Before I had kids, I never had a fine. Now I just smile and pay it and consider it my donation to a worthy cause!
Actually you can develop it further. It has potential..

colours lay bare my soul
Anonymous said…
aww.. i soo wish you had told us wats beyond the door