It's Official...I'm Old

Well...maybe not I don't think I'll ever REALLY grow up, and that's okay with me. But...there is a new addition to the family. So, everyone welcome Joseph Anthony.

Anthony was born Monday, May 18, around 10 in the morning (EST). He was 19.5" long and weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz. His father is my son, Aaron, a Marine stationed in Hawaii. chanel handbags

Father, mother, and baby are all doing well.


Marianne Arkins said…
I'll say it again... awwwwww....

Old lady *G*
Jill said…
Congratulations Grandma!! What wonderful news! Will you get to go visit him? Perfect excuse for a trip to Hawaii, right? My oldest nephew was born in Hawaii when my step brother was in the Army and stationed there and you didn't have to twist my parents' arm to go visit him. The first time either one of them had flown and they had to get their first credit card to do it, but hey... Grandbaby! Hawaii! Woo hoo!!
Charity said…
Oh, how wonderful. Just adorable.
Dru said…
Congratulations on your grandson. He's adorable.
Michele said…
Wow, What a Cutie!
Congrats to the new Grandma
and the new parents!
I forget how small they are!