Monday Meme Madness

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November 3rd Questions:

1. When do you need soothing? And, what soothes you? Tell us about the last time you needed soothing.
I'm pretty laid back and very little bothers me. But, I'm afraid that the rare times I DO need, comfort food, does a pretty good job. My hubby and his love does the very best job, though, of soothing me.

2. What makes today special for you? And you’re not allowed to say “nothing.” Everyday should be special - life is short! If you can’t think of anything that makes today special, then tell us something you’re thankful for, right now, right this very minute. Today is special because I'm at the coast with my husband and we're still very much in love.

3. What is the most you’d be willing to spend on the perfect pair of blue jeans? What about shoes? Tell us about the last time you purchased jeans. Now tell us the last time you purchased a pair of shoes. I don't spend much on my clothes. Blue jeans, I wear a lot on the job (grinding stumps) and they end up get ruined. I do have some nice jeans that I save... I think I spent about $30 for them. It's been so long since I've bought them, I don't remember. The last time I bought jeans was when I ended up having to work on a job site when I didn't intend to (so wasn't dressed for it). I ran down to the store and picked up a cheap pair of jeans to wear. Shoes? Goodness... I bought a pair of tennis shoes last, wait. I bought some flip-flops a couple of months ago. I don't buy much for myself, can you tell?

4. What is the oddest thing you ever bought for yourself? As I said, I don't spend much money on myself. And... the oddest thing I've ever bought for myself? I don't know... and neither does Bob.


Jodi said…
Have fun at the coast!! Have a great Monday!
Sue said…
Have a great time at the coast, and isn't being in love the best! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have a great week ahead!