3WW-- a continuation

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Today's words: ache, difference, suffer

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Jared lifted up his head and sniffed again, pinpointing with deadly accuracy the direction he needed to travel. On silent feet, he prowled through the trees, every minute bringing him closer to that which would ease the ache of hunger.

The scent of fire mingled with that of his prey heralded the glow in a clearing ahead. Jared paused and drank in the mixture of aromas. His eyes adjusted and he saw her. Her smell had drawn him earlier in hunger, but now...now there was a difference. chanel handbags

Emotions roiled and warred inside him such as he'd not felt since...becoming. Emotions he thought lost along with his humanity. Desire for more than blood; a longing to know this woman, not merely feed on her; the sure knowledge that with this woman he could know peace, and he would suffer.


ThomG said…
A great addition to last week's opening.
Melody said…
Great continuation from last week, looking forward to next week.
Quin Browne said…
i guess everyone and everything seeks home.
Strong writing, Judy. You haven't skipped a beat with this continuation. Keep up the good work. Have a nice day.
angel said…
Very nice. I hope he doesn't suffer too much with her. Maybe love will win out??

I'm writing about vampires also. It's my first time, so I don't really know what's going to happen.
tumblewords said…
Enjoyed this 'next' piece and looking, already, forward to the next. Thanks!
Amarettogirl said…
what a great piece! the clarity, and physicality of the writing was superb! thank you for sharing it!
Vin said…
:) ur weaving ur write-ups in multiples of 3 !!
the flow is smooth n ur enthusiasm shows...great work