Monday Morning Meme

1. What is the last thing you attempted to quit? How did you do it and were you successful? Does overeating count??? And, no I wasn't successful.. at least not yet. I'm determined to lose this weight by the end of the year, though. So.. if you see me reaching for a cookie... slap my hand, okay??

2. Are you a roller coaster sort of person (impulsive, takes chances, likes to live in the fast lane), or a merry-go-round sort of person (slow, steady, predictable, peaceful)? This is an excellent excuse to do a little self-analysis! I'm more of a merry-go-round person, I think, with brief bouts of insanity. But, I also don't like to be bored so Bob and I do lots of different things and we're pretty spontaneous about things like that. So.... the answer to the above question is.... Yes. :-)

3. Have you ever worn your slippers, or pajamas, in public? If so, when and why? If not, would you ever consider leaving your house looking less than your best? What do you think of people who do so? (Be honest, we all judge on some level). OMG.... the one time it happened is seared into my memory. Sit back, put your coffee down, and hang on. It was winter, 1983. Nearly all the pipes in the entire town froze Christmas Eve. Our house froze and we went to stay with my BFF and her family (we were going to eat over there Christmas Day anyway). The day after... our water was still frozen but my hubby at the time had to go to daughter and I stayed with Sandye (did I mention I was six months pregnant???) Anyway... we were lounging around the house... just taking it easy... when husband called and asked me to bring him something to the store. Okay.. I was a good wife... hopped in the car and ran whatever it was down to him. chanel handbags While I was there... he asked me to go to the grocery store and pick him up something. So... again... being the good wife, I said, "Sure." Hopped in the car... went to the grocery store... and was in the middle of an aisle when I happened to look down and there on my feet were frog slippers my mother had given me for Christmas (I collected frogs).Similar to these only worse:

Yep... that's what I wore out in public. And now... no. I do not go anywhere outside the house without looking my best (including make-up)....a fact which Marianne finds amusing to no end.

What do I think of people who go out looking not their best? If they are clean and decently dressed ...not much. If they are trashy looking .. well.. I think they are trashy looking.

4. If you could go back and tell your 13-year-old self one thing about the future, what would you say? Follow your dream of writing. Don't get sidetracked by what other people say. Go for it.


Sue said…
Last year for me it was quitting smoking, and this year it has got to be losing weight....but I LOVE cookies :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and nice to meet you too!
Marianne Arkins said…
I must have been channeling you when I wrote the bunny slipper scene in "Pregnancy Cravings", lol.
Jodi said…
LOL! Frog slippers!
Dru said…
LOL and you went to two stores before you noticed the froggy slippers.

Have a good Monday.
Dawn said…
I wish someone would slap my hand every time I reach for a Pepsi.

I am cracking up at your frog slipper story. Sounds like something I would do!

Also, I love the advice you would give yourself. Too many times we let people interfere with our dreams.