Friday Frustration

Good morning, all. I clicked over first thing to do Friday's Feast but it appears as if the chef, Susan is still having problems. And, Jodi who filled in so well for her the last couple of weeks had the audacity to go to camp and leave us in the lurch (but she looks like she'll be having a blast if these pictures from last year are any indication. I guess she's forgiven.

Anyway, in case you've somehow missed the news, LASR is still having the big birthday bash. Up for grabs on the 27th is a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

My husband showed me a website this morning. When I looked at the link, part of the address was "idle women wanted." My first thought was....???? I might not get a lot done, but I am seldom IDLE! We always have something going on. But, it turns out it wasn't what I thought at all. Some of you might find this interesting. I'm going to share it with our LongandShort Yahoo Group. The "Idle Women" were a group of British women during WW2 who worked on the waterways. It's kinda neat.

He has also been sharing some different kinds of foods with me: Black Country Food like "faggots'n'pays","fill belly", and "gray pays n bercon." Amazing what you can find on the Internet and where following links can take you.

What are some things YOU have found interesting on the Internet just by clicking links?


Margaret said…
The internet is bad, bad, bad I'm telling you! A simple search for some recipes using Pears (have two loaded trees about to drop their fruits all at once here) and I'm soon distracted by some pear diet fad.

Figuring, yeah - easy weight loss would be nice I decide to see if the article on why pears will make you loose weight carries any weight.

So off I go to and I'm surfin' through medical terminology. Only to find out that Pears make wonderful laxatives. So oh my, what would happen if I OD on pears as the weight loss fad suggests that I do.

Then I'm off to more medical files and find some unheard of syndrome that you know - must be me! It nails all my problems to a tee and the hypochondriac in me. Which brings me to mind that I need to see a Doctor.

Soon it's time to walk the dog and I'm back to looking at overladen pear trees dropping their fruits all over the ground.

Too late to search for recipes for I have to toss the Hamburger Helper in the skillet!

Now that we have a better house, more room and less clutter we'd love to have you visit! We're right off I-95 here.