Wednesday Wondering and Wanderings

We had some excitement in the old home place last night. I walked by a box that had a reciprocating saw sitting in it and didn't notice that the blade was sticking out. I felt a pull, looked down, saw the my leg was cut and bleeding pretty badly, and my first thought was, "Oh, this can't be good." I kinda pushed the edges back together and called for Bob.

Fortunately, he can always tell from my voice whether I want him or NEED him...and he never wastes time when I NEED him. Within two hours of cutting myself, I was returning home with eight stitches and two prescriptions. And, orders to keep my leg elevated. I'll be googling sutures and stitches to find out what more I need to be doing.

I will be doing some writing today... writing pages for next week's interviews and Author Spotlights on The Long and the Short of It, that is. And, hopefully, I'll get a chance to do some real writing as well. I still owe Daisy a story. :-)

Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up (because I forgot the last one!): Buy A Friend A Book Week is NEXT week. So.... be thinking about what book you would like to give someone. And, if you need any suggestions, my wish list is here. ;-)

Today's Birthday:
Happy Birthday, Carly Simon.