Tuesday Tired

We've had an active weekend. In between working on a LASR project (remember the news I told y'all was coming.... it's coming :-)), we discovered that our hall bathroom...y'know... the one that all the company uses?.... had some bad places in the floor, so this was the weekend we tackled it. And, boy did we ever. We got in and found out that whoever made our house decided it would be a wonderful idea to do the floor in particle board. The floor in the bathroom. The floor right around the toilet. And toilets sometimes leak. And when particle board gets wet....well, trust me. It's not a pretty picture.

Then we discovered that due to the amazing properties of particle board, in the toilet area, the subflooring was also bad. Anyway...we've had to replace a large part of the subflooring and the flooring. Now we're going to lay concreteboard and tile the thing.

In the midst of all this fun and excitement, my mom called to say the corn was ready. (Okay... all you from the north, don't yell at me because the corn around y'all is only two inches high and we're already harvesting...Marianne already took care of that job). We don't grow corn because it takes up too much space, but we have friends who do. And...$2/dozen. Can we say happy?

So, we bought ten dozen (which actually worked out to more like twelve dozen, because they are firm believers in the concept of the baker's dozen, and more. So... last night we put up corn.

Corn on the floor

Mama shucked the corn (hint: if you cut off the butt-end of the corn and shuck it from the bottom, you get a lot more of the silk off than shucking it from the top).

After washing the corn and removing the last few silks (and I know I missed some, but.. ),

I blanched it for six minutes, then

cooled it in ice water.

Then I cut the corn off the cob. This is a corn cutter that used to be Bob's mom's (yesterday, when I was chatting with Marianne, I said, "that used to be Bob's mom." I tell you, as much as that woman loved to put up food, if she could come back as an inanimate object, I can't think of anything more appropriate for her to come back as!)

And .... because of a hard evening's work, we'll be able to enjoy fresh corn all year. After all, you can't get much fresher than on the stalk at five and in the freezer before eleven!

Sixteen quarts of corn, ready for the freezer

So... how was your day?


Marianne Arkins said…
Oh. Yum.
Dru said…
wow..I'm impressed. I never knew that about cutting off the end of the corn at the bottom..we always started at the top. Thanks for the tip.

again, wow, that's a lot of corn and hard work.

I hope your Tuesday is a good one.