Thursday Thirteen

I have been bound and determined to spell Thursday Thirsday all morning. Sheesh....It's not like Wednesday (which to this day, I have to remind myself to spell it the way my teacher taught us way back in the day... Wed-nes-day... otherwise I spell it wrong. Are there any words you habitually spell wrong? Hmmm.. might be a post for another TT....)

But... today's Thursdy Thirteen is Thirteen Things I Need to Do...

1. Finish some editing
2. Finish critiquing a friend's manuscript
3. Write the pages for next week
4. Answer a ton of emails
5. Go with Bob as he grinds stumps (dodue to my injury, I'm not allowed to help this time. All we would need is for a chunk of wood to fly up and hit right on the wound.) EDITED TO ADD: Remind self to make a list of words I misspell this week for next week's TT.
6. Check on the garden (I think our first tomato might be about ready to pick. There is nothing better than vine-ripened tomatoes fresh off the vine)
7. Check on buying a new pressure canner. I have the feeling the one I have will need retiring. Of course, if I just freeze everything, I won't need one, 'cause tomatoes can be processed in a hot water bath.
8. Stock up on freezer bags.
9. Maybe make the investment in one of those vacuum freezer things...what do y'all think? If you have them, do you like them? And is it worth the investment?
10. Change the dressing on my leg. We've not done that yet. I'm not sure either one of us wants to see, but... it's probably a good idea to make sure things are healing properly.
11. Figure out something for supper. Mama came over and cooked for us last night (Southern-fried steak, yellow rice, and broccoli...mmm, mmm, good.)
12. Finish this blog and go link up to TT.
13. See if there is any trouble I can get into with Marianne or Lianne this morning before I have to leave.

Hope to see y'all soon!


Marianne Arkins said…
I love my vacuum sealer, but only use it for meat at this point (when DH goes hunting, we pack it up in vacuum sealed bags). The bags are pretty expensive, so I don't use it for everything.

And... trouble? Trouble???? Ha. We are ANGELS.