Sunday Somethings

I thought y'all might like to know what I do when I'm not LASRing, or reading to do a review, or writing, or editing, or thinking about cleaning my house. No, I don't go around looking for ways to look shorter than I am. Bob and I have a tree and stump removal company and we were called out the other day to give an estimate on a tree that blew over in a recent storm. It fell on a fence and the owners need a price on getting it off the fence.

I, also, received word the other day that one of my flash fiction pieces will be published by Flashshot. As soon as I get the publication date, I'll share :-)

The Long and the Short of It will be announcing the winners of the First Annual Short Story contest on July 1. The judges' score sheets are coming in and I've set up a database to put their scores in. The scores will be added together and the winner will be the writer who has the best score. All of the entrants will receive copies of the judges' score sheets and comments as well. It's interesting to see the judges' points of view. It just drives home the point again that reading and liking books is very subjective.

Off to do some writing today (good Lord willing and the creek don't rise). Have yourselves a wonderful Sunday!


Jaimie said…
Wow, that must have been some storm to blow over that huge tree! Haope you have a good week!