Monday Musings

This is the start of a new week... and the start of something new at LASR. We have a limited number of author pages available. We're all about helping our fellow authors promote themselves, so any chance to get your name out there in front of readers is a good thing. We're excited about this new opportunity.

I finished the first draft of a vintage story. My first drafts ALWAYS reads more like you are watching a movie. I know that about myself, because I "see" the story unfold as I write it. I'm very visual as far as that goes. The problem with it lacks emotion. Always. So.. it's time to work on my second draft. That's where I go in and add in how the POV character is FEELING. Get deep into their POV. I normally then do a third draft where I layer in senses and descriptions. Where are they? What do they hear? Smell? Taste? Feel textilely? Seeing? Is that a strange way to write?

I was out of commission a great deal yesterday. I was reaching for a platter on the top shelf and my back started spasming. It's no fun getting old, let me tell you!

And now.. I bring you:

April 14th Questions:

1. If you had one week to do anything you wanted, unlimited means to do so, what are some of the things you would try to do?
I would like to travel. I have so many people I want to see. All my blog friends, my IRL friends, my kids... I need a plane to be able to get to see everyone I want to see, but...I have unlimited means :-)

2. What’s the last thing you bought for yourself? Do you buy yourself things very often? If you were rich, would you buy yourself things more often? Why or why not? The last thing I bought for myself was some new clothes for the writers conference I went to. I normally hang around just in jeans and t-shirts (or pj's) and didn't think that projected the professional image I wanted to show people. As far as buying things for myself...not often. I think it has to do with the limited resources I had when the kids were growing up. I never wanted to buy myself something unless it was a matter of desperate need when there were things the kids wanted. It's carried over even now... Bob fusses at me all the time about NOT buying things for myself. If I were "rich," I might be a little more free about buying things for myself, but I still have a lot of the "do I really need this" mindset.

3. When was the last time you sang? What did you sing? Do you ever sing in front of people? Why or why not? Does your significant other sing well? If you were (are) a good singer and it was financially within your means to do so, would you ever consider auditioning for American Idol? I sing around the house all the time, especially when I'm cleaning. I'll put on one of the music channels and dance and sing to my heart's content. I've always been in choirs, from the time I was a wee little one all the way through school, so singing in front of peope, especially in a group, doesn't bother me. Solos? I don't have a solo voice, but I'm a good choir member. Bob is the first to tell you he's not musical. And as for American Idol... nah, not even if I were young enough to do so.

4. If you found $1000 dollars in an unmarked wallet on the street, what would you do? Be specific. Don’t just say, “keep it,” Or “turn it in.” WHY would you keep it? HOW would you turn it in? (And if you turned it in, would you follow up to see if anyone claimed it later?) I wouldn't turn it in to the police. I would probably place an ad saying some money was found, but they would have to prove by providing details that it was theirs. If nobody called and claimed it after... I don't know... a month, maybe, I'd keep it.

Your Personality Is

Idealist (NF)

You are a passionate, caring, and unique person.

You are good at expressing yourself and sharing your ideals.

You are the most compassionate of all types and connect with others easily.

Your heart tends to rule you. You can't make decisions without considering feelings.

You seek out other empathetic people to befriend.

Truth and authenticity matters in your friendships.

In love, you give everything you have to relationships. You fall in love easily.

At work, you crave personal expression and meaning in your career.

With others, you communicate well. You can spend all night talking with someone.

As far as your looks go, you've likely taken the time to develop your own personal style.

On weekends, you like to be with others. Charity work is also a favorite pastime of yours.


Jodi said…
Great answers! Have a awesome Monday!
Marianne Arkins said…
Yes. You're weird.


Interesting that we gave nearly the same answers to the meme, and yet had complete opposite responses on the quiz.

Hi Judy! I'm trying to give you credit for your ASTONISHING miracle bread recipe, which I've slightly revised (for health reasons) and posted for What's Cooking Wednesday. I'm linked to LASR, but since previous recipes aren't archived, I wasn't sure what to do. Please let me know how you want me to credit this. Thanks so much, and thanks so much for the recipe!!!