Friday Favorites

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Invent a new flower; give it a name and describe it. The flower is richly blue, with many blossoms...folded upon one another like a rose just opening up. The fragrance is like that of my favorite perfume, Inis. There are no thorns and the leaves are a variegated green. The name: Judy's Jewel


Name someone whom you think has a wonderful voice. Speaking voice: James Earl Jones/ Singing voice... it has to be Frank Sinatra. I could listen to him for hours (and often do!)


On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how clean do you keep your car? Probably about a five. We tend to work out of our car a lot, so there's clutter and papers. And, I don't wash it near as often as I should. But... I've seen cars a lot worse and cars a lot cleaner. So, I think it's safe to say I'm kinda in the middle. chanel handbags

Main Course

How do you feel about poetry? I like older poetry.. I like verse. Some of the newer poems... well, let's just say to me one of the most beautiful things about poetry is the adherence to form and rhythm, so even though free form poetry has some beautiful images... without the strictness to form and rhythm, I don't see much difference from beautifully written prose.


What was the last person/place/thing you took a picture of? Pulling out my memory stick to see... don't go away. Okay... the last picture I took was at the writer's conference this past weekend.
This is Suzanne Brockman. Unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough or quick enough to ask someone to take a picture of me with her (Michele couldn't believe it. I DID get a chance to chat with Suz, though. She and her husband, author Ed Gaffney, are the nicest people and I really enjoyed getting to meet them.


Lianne said…
Huh! Learn something new every day. I had no idea you liked Sinatra. Loved your flower, btw. It sounds beautiful. :)

I'm sorry you had a headache yesterday. Hope it's cleared up now. You're not online as I write, but maybe you had to work today. Love you!
I love your appetizer. Too bad you didn't get the photograph with Suzanne Brockman. Amazing how we just don't think straight at times. Have a great FF and weekend. :)
Laane said…
That sounds like a wonderful meeting.

Your feast is great!!

Please, don't forget to rate my entry, as the earnings (won by the highest rating blogentry) will be donated by me to autism support now it's autism awareness month.

You can find my entry ::here::

Have a wonderful weekend.
Diane Craver said…
That's great you got to talk to Suzanne Brockman - sorry you didn't a photo with her.

Have a nice weekend!
Allie Boniface said… was the conference??
Mercedes said…
I'm a little late. Computer problems and migraines. I will also be sending your order today or tomorrow-I promise to be quicker in the future (if you will still have me-lol).

Delicious Feast! I love you appetizer. James Earl Jones-you're the 2nd person that said that. Did you know that he actually stutters? Cool huh?

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