Tomorrow is Valentine's Day....

...and Monday I received my Valentine's goodies from Kailani's Valentine's Swap. My partner this year was "Not the Queen" from Washington state.

She sent some lovely Mountain Huckleberry popcorn from The Popcorn Patch. You should check it out...they have flavors I would never have dreamed of. The Mountain Huckleberry is quite good.

The chocolates from The Chocolate and Cherry Factory... well, they are very good chocolates..mmmmmm. I'm being good though, and I'm trying to be good and not eat them all at once.

Don't forget, Marianne is going to be at Long and Short Romance Reviews for a Question and Answer session. Go over there and ask her some really tough questions ;-)

And now... our last Countdown to Valentine's video:


Lianne said…
That was a lovely video. I am not usually very fond of those digital types of animations, but this was pretty. Of course, I've always loved that song, so that might have influenced my enjoyment. :)

So if I move to Georgia, will you share your Valentine goodies with me??? **G**