3WW and Wonderings

This is Three Word Wednesday. My name is Bone. Each week, I post some words. People write things using the words. Then they comment here.

This week’s words are:

This is the first time in a long time I've played... so let's see how it goes :-) Free style writing. No editing. You've been warned.

Jaqueline punched her twin brother in the arm as they climbed off the bus.

"What was that for?" James frowned at her as he rubbed the spot she'd hit.

"That was for not introducing me to the new guy."

"What new guy?" His eyes widened as he realized who she meant. "Oh, you mean the guy in the Grateful Dead T-shirt?"

"Yes, the guy in the 'Grateful Dead T-shirt'," she said. "Do you want my entire social life to unravel just because my jerk brother won't introduce me to the coolest guy in schoool?"

James laughed and then he shook his head. "You are too much. You didn't even recognize him, did you?"

"What do you mean? Of course I didn't. He's new, you moron." chanel handbags

"That was Benjamin Scott."

Jacqueline stopped short in her tracks and turned to look at her brother.

"Bennie the Skinny Scott? Who moved away from here in elementary school?"

"Yes, 'Bennie the Skinny Scott' who you tripped when he walked past you in the lunchroom. He remembers you all right."

Jacqueline crumpled in a heap on their front steps. "My social life is going to more than unravel. It's going to explode into nothingness."

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watermaid said…
Yes, clothes are just the outer packaging and can mislead. I liked the way you used the prompt words.

My post seemed to be unravelling this morning.

Anonymous said…
Yes karma is a you know what. :)


Anonymous said…
I like your style. You made my website
Hamlin Endicott
(GA too :)
paisley said…
very nice write.. .i love the characters,, and wouldn't mind finding out about benny's transformation......
Corina said…
Yup! I want to know about Benny's transformation, too! Nicely done!
Truefaith1963 said…
What goes around comes around for sure! Nice story.
tumblewords said…
Great characters and dialog in a fast paced story! Nice!!
Linda Jacobs said…
This captured my attention right from the beginning! Cool little story!
Anonymous said…
This was tons of fun. Glad you're playing again.

you had me when you indicated that someone wearing a "Grateful Dead T-Shirt" could be considered cool by a high school kid. enjoyable read.
Laane said…
I've enjoyed your 3ww and the iceskating.

TC said…
Welcome back! :)

This was really cute... left me wondering what happens next.
LittleWing said…
that was a great story...
pia said…
I totally related to her feelings
Being popular isn't always a good thing. I would love to see this developed more. The characters are well rounded and I have to say I am curious about this Bennie. Have a nice night.
WriterKat said…
This was really fresh for me. I liked you going with a younger age group than the other reads I've seen. The banter was natural and fun, with the nice groan at the end.

I love your spice poll. It appears I'm basil too. :-)
Bone said…
Relatable story which read very real. I, too, could see a longer story coming out of this.

Welcome back!