A Roar for Powerful Words

I've been tagged by Jim Melvin of the Death Wizard Chronicles and been presented with the Roar for Powerful Words award. If you haven't read any of Jim's work, you really should. Especially if you like fantasy. He's a very talented writer and I'm very pround he's one of my "blogging buddies." The rules follow:

* Link back to the person who tagged you.

* List three things that you believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful.

* Tag five others and comment on their blog informing them that they've been tagged with this award.

Three things that I believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful are

a. You must believe what you are writing. Even if you are writing fiction or fantasy such as Jim does, on some level you must believe in it. Even fantasy is rooted in a reality somewhere deep inside you. A grasp of that is important to make your writing strong.

b. Basic knowledge of how words work and how they are put together. Words can make beautiful pictures and lovely images or they can make the reader cringe in horror.... not at the images but at the grammar! If your writing is not clear, you lose the chance to show the reader what you want them to see.

c. Truth. The underlying truth of your story must come shining through. Whether you are setting your story in Outer Mongolio or downtown Chicago, the universal truth must be what the reader can grasp.

And.. now to pick my victims recipients of this prize.

Marianne at Reading, Writing, and Things that Make Me Crazy

Allie at Allie's Musings

Karen at Write From Karen

Mert at Almost Somewhat Positive

Ceri at It's All About the Romance


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  2. Okay.. fine, so I spoke too soon. I deleted my last comment.

    What I have to say now isn't for public viewing *G*.

  3. Interesting meme! OK, I'll play along in a day or so...

  4. Believe in what you're writing? Isn't that the truth! I could not agree more. It's all part of the passion of trying to say something that enlarges or enriches the world.

  5. And thanks so much for your kind words!

  6. Marianne:

    I hope I didn't do something to upset you ...

  7. Hey, Judy.

    Yes, 3WW moved to its own site:



  8. I don't have that last ingredient here...or anything like it in the house. But I have been doing lemon zinger tea with extra lemon and honey.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I'm playing today (Thursday)!

  10. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I'm going to consider myself tagged. I'll link to you later today. Thanks for the idea.

  11. Very cool! Thank you :D

    I totally agree with you, though I am horrible with grammar. *cheeky grin* I totally agree with believing in your work and truth.


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