I Am SO Excited

...that I just had to share the news with y'all. Some of you may know (because I've been whining about it to you) that my laptop has been down since right before Thanksgiving. It was only ten months old and all of a sudden decided it didn't want to recognize the fact I have a power cord any more. Such fun.

Well, I called HP tech support and the people in India told me to send it in for repair. After the computer reached the repair shop I was able to talk to a great guy named Paul (:::waves at Paul:::). We had several conversations back and forth about what was going on and he upgraded my power cord to a higher amperage (or something...don't shoot me; I don't speak the language). He sent it back to me; it worked about three weeks; it died again.

So...what to do? Do I call tech support again? Nope.. not this chickie. I still had Paul's number in my cell phone so I cut out the middle man and called directly to the source. Of course, he remembered me SOOOOO well (NOT), but I finally managed to tweak his memory a little and he pulled up my file. We spoke a bit longer about the problem and he admitted he didn't have a clue what was going on, so he called HIS boss... a case supervisor named Colleen. She was super. She and I also had several conversations and she had me send the computer back again.

This time when it came back (right before Christmas)... it was still dead. Didn't work. Poor computer. Poor Judy. Poor Bob, because he was having to share his desktop with me so I could work. I waited until after Christmas to call Colleen back and tell her it was DOA (I knew nobody would be wanting problems right before Christmas!) I told her what had happened and she was so upset. She did some checking and found out that it had NOT been sent back to Paul like she had scheduled, but had gone to an entirely different repair center where the people (of course) had no clue what was going on. So, she said... let me just send you a new laptop. Not only that, let me upgrade it for you.

OMG... I could not believe it. But, today Fed-Ex brought me a new, upgraded computer with all kinds of bells and whistles on it. HP has certainly found a very satisfied customer in this family!
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Alice Teh said…
Enjoy your laptop!! Hearing what you said makes me so excited. I love electronic stuff. Hmmmmm... makes me very happy.
Renee said…
how nice. I need to get me a laptop, it would be nice to not have to share this computer with so many others.

Darly & I came here from the Auditions.
Mert said…
HOLY CRAP! that's so awesome, good for you! The squeaky wheel DOES get the oil :D I'd be dancing on tables right now.
Dru said…
Wow, HP came through for you. I tend to stay away from HP in regards to their computer but maybe I'll take another look at them. What model did you get?

Enjoy your new laptop.