Exciting News to End the Year.

We are so excited... LASR review site is half a year old! In the past half year, we've reviewed nearly 300 books and short stories. And, remember, if we don't like a book, we don't review it, so you KNOW these books are good :-)

To celebrate our milestone, we are sponsoring a brand new contest that is starting today.

We have several autographed books from some really fabulous authors to give away to ONE lucky winner.

So far, there are books from:

Alyssa Day
Lori Foster
Kara Lennox
Roz Denny Fox (2 Books)
Terry McLaughlin
Catherine Mulvany
Deborah MacGillivray (3 Books)
Janet Mullany
Delores Fossen
Gayle Wilson
Catherine Mann
Michele Dunaway

It's easy to enter. Go here to find out how!
More exciting news:

E-Harlequin is giving away free books until January 1. I've already gotten mine for today and can hardly wait for tomorrow :-)

Today is the last day you can nominate your favorite romance for LASR Best Romance of 2007. The polls close at midnight tonight, Eastern time, and voting begins January 1. Don't miss out on a way you can acknowledge your favorite book.


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Here's a review of Eclipse, the final book in the series.