What a Week This Has Been

... but it's not because I feel like I'm falling in love. (Let me clarify... I AM in love, but that's not the reason for the title).

Last week (Sunday, October 28) my laptop battery died. It would not hold a charge, even when the power cord was plugged in. So... the power cord must be faulty. I return to the store where I'd bought the computer in January and they are very helpful. The sales clerk opens a new power cord and we try that. Nope, not the power cord.

Okay, maybe it's the battery. It's not supposed to give out in only a year, but I leave the computer on all the time... it's possible it drained it faster than it should have. We order a new battery and, hopefully, it will be in before we leave on Thursday to go to the shore. It wasn't... but that's okay. Miraculously, the battery has charged. I had taken it out, unplugged everything, and put it back together. Who knows, maybe there was a bit of corrosion preventing a good connection. It doesn't matter... I have a laptop. I can go to the shore and still do my work.

So... I get up Friday morning... do my words for NaNo... and notice... hmmmmm, the battery is not holding a charge. Blast it. The battery dies... nothing I can do will fix it. I am NOT a happy camper. (I had a lot of fun this weekend, though, but I was a bit frustrated because I was falling so far behind on my NaNo words. I do some handwriting, but... )

Okay. I get home on Tuesday, the new battery is here. Yea! Joy, jubiliaton, and excitement all around. I put in the new battery (sent at 17% charged), plug it in and watch as the new battery steadily loses it's charge. Oh, crap.

So... I call tech support and get through almost immediately. Ben was the tech's name and he was VERY helpful. Seems it is probably a connection problem in the outlet part. So, he's sending me a box and I'm going to ship the laptop back to the company and they will fix it. So, that's taken care of and fortunately, we have a desktop that's my husband's and we're sharing.

And, I was able to download all my work from my laptop onto my flashdrive before it died completely, so work can continue, albeit in scattered moments.

I'm playing catch up with NaNo.... I should be at 13,336 words by the end of today and so far I have 7,058 words. I doubt I'll come up with 6,278 words today, but at least it's closer than it was yesterday :-)

And, now that I've bored you all completely with my tale of "the week that was"... I'll leave you with these important items:

This week the reviews site is giving away TWO books. Scroll down for the older entries. Also make sure you check out the contest on the website.

Your Inner Pop Princess Is Beyonce

"Tonight I'll be your naughty girl
I'm callin all my girls
Gonna turn this party out
I know you want my body."

You've got the talent, looks, and attitude to get to the top of the charts.

UHHHH... okay????