Monday Mutterings

I have some exciting news from The Long and the Short of It this week. Award-winning author Kally Jo Surbeck is our special guest this week and she's giving away the most awesome prize! She's going to award one lucky reader with an free book, but not just any book... an autographed copy of her newest release that's coming out November 28! So... if you want to be one of the first to read the first book in a truly awesome series, just hop right over to LASR to enter. Remember there will be new ways to enter daily, so check back every day.
My NaNo story is going well... but slowly. I still MIGHT have a chance of winning, but even if I don't I'm enjoying the story. I'm writing it in first person, which is a departure for me, and offers a whole lot of other challenges. We'll see how it goes.

I found this fun site... what do you think?



Your Pilgrim Name Is

Humility Abbott

Humility?? ME?? Ask anyone else what THEY think! lol