Friday's Feast

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What was your first “real” job? The first job other than babysitting I had was the summer after my first year of college. I worked in the bookstore in the mall... a dream job for a reading fanatic! Mr. B's Gallery of Books. If you are out there anywhere, Mr. B, thanks!

Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?I don't have a specific place that I go...not externally anyway. If I'm having problems with a scene or a point in the story, I will lose myself in music and just let my mind drift. It usually finds its own way to where it needs to be.

Complete this sentence: I am embarrassed when… I absolutely and completely go blank on someone's name. Especially because I've usually known that someone for years. One time, one of my best friends from Georgia came up to North Carolina to surprise me. She came to where I was working and I started to introduce her to my best friend from North Carolina, who also happened to be the director of the preschool where I was assistant director. We knew each other well, okay? So.... Sandye comes in and I say, "Sandye, I want to introduce you to..." and just drew a complete blank. SO complete, I finally had to say..."Tell me what your name is." Now, that's embarrassing! Fortunately, Tina and Sandye thought it was great fun and enjoyed talking about the dumb blonde they both knew. I'm glad somebody was able to get some fun out of it!

Main Course
What values did your parents instill in you? honesty and frugality. (1)Honesty, because that was the WORSE sin in our house. The worse spanking I ever got (and richly deserved) was when I was in the fourth grade. I went through a period of time where I didn't want to do my homework. I would come home and tell my grandmother I didn't have any. I would go back to school and tell my teacher I'd forgotten it at home. After a bit, the teacher called home to find out what the problem was... why I was having so much trouble remembering to bring my homework to class. This was a Wednesday, because my grandmother got the call while my mom was at choir practice. Grandmama didn't say a word to me, but told Mama when she got back from the church. My mother woke me up and wore me out... not for not doing my homework, though. I got the spanking because I had lied to my grandmother and my teacher! To this day, I find I'm truthful almost to a fault.(2)Frugality. As a single mom, my mother didn't have a lot of spare money. Whenever she got some extra, rather than treat us to a movie or something like that, we'd go buy a new board game. She explained it to me this way one time when I was complaining about it. If we had spent the money on a movie, we would have fun for about two hours. If we spent the money on a game, we could have an indefinite amount of time. So... we played a lot of games at my house.

Name 3 fads from your teenage years.
disco, platform shoes (I almost broke my ankle because of this one), pet rocks.


ArtfulSub said…
Happy Feast Day! Honesty was a great Main Course. Too bad our politicians never learned that lesson.
Elizabeth said…
A great feast and we share the same dessert--because of platform shoes I twisted my left ankle very badly which put an end to the ballet lessons. To this day that left ankle still gets easily injured.

I loved reading your feast and I agree with your main course.

Elizabeth @ Thought Suite.
tegdirb92 said…
I loved your feast--I had a pet rock and I named him PUNK ROCK. Have a great Friday.
Allie Boniface said…
You lucky girl - first real job in a bookstore! That started it all, right??