The First Day of NaNo and All is Well

Well... it's starting off well. I managed my goal plus, so all's well in the world. Almost.

The battery for the laptop didn't come in yesterday and we're supposed to leave for the shore this morning, so I might be computer-less completely until Monday evening. So... if you don't hear from me over the weekend, that's why. Guess I'll be writing 1633+ words by hand. :-)

This is the weekend of the Seafood Festival in Apalachicola. It's one thing we try not to miss every year. We have friends who come over from Panama City to stay with us and we have a blast (Hi, Red and Sherry!) If you're going to be there... look for me and come up to say "howdy."
Believe it or not, I finally found a quiz that says Marianne and I are not Siamese twins... and, frankly, this was one time I thought we WOULD be!

Your Fashion Style is Girly

You dress to look beautiful and show off what you've got
Dresses, skirts, heels... whatever it takes to turn heads
You love feeling like a girl in any setting
Even your workout clothes are cute and feminine!


Uisce said…
I wish I'd gone for it this year, but I've been so darn busy. And I've got a much better novel in my head now than the crap I wrote two years ago. Sigh.
Nadine said…
Good luck with NaNo. I missed it again this year, but had a friend do it last year. Now she's working on it with an agent for publication.