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That's right... it's Buy a Friend a Book Week! Here is the official "rules":

Celebrating BAFAB is easy. Just get yourself to a real-life or virtual book store during Buy a Friend a Book Week (the first weeks of January, April, July, and October) and, well, buy a friend a book! But here's the fun part: you can't buy your friend a book because it's their birthday or they just graduated or got engaged or had a baby or anything else. You have to give them a book for no good reason. In fact, this present out of the blue from you should shock the pants off of whomever you decide to give it to. And it'll make them happy. And that's the point: promote reading, promote friendships. Just make sure to let them know about Buy a Friend a Book Week, so they can spread the joy in turn. chanel handbags

As always, I'm offering a contest that will run until Saturday, October 6. Just leave a comment here with the title of the book you would like to win (up to a $20 value) and I will have a drawing on Sunday, October 7.

And, Happy BAFABW!

BTW, stop by our review site for some good ideas of books to read.

OTHER CONTESTS RUNNING THIS WEEK: (this will be updated throughout the week. If you know of a contest or have a contest and want to be listed, please email me at maracujabr at gmail dot com)

Keeper of the Snails is running a MONTH-LONG contest.
Marianne is giving away a free e-story/book of your choice from one of her publishers.
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Marianne Arkins said…
Ooh... pick me! I'm eligible, right?

I'd like "Agnes and the Hitman".


BTW, I'll have my BAFABW contest up tomorrow. Feel free to add me then!
Deborah said…
please enter me!

if i won i'd like "The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Decked Out" by Neta Jackson

Seabird said…
I can only pick one?! The Power Elite by C. Wright Mills
Carey said…
Ive never heard of BAFABW. What a clever idea. Can i enter your contest. I would like the paperback book of Harry Potter 7 for my daughter...she is huge book fan(shes 12, and can read a Harry Potter book in 2 1/2 kidding!)
Karen said…
If I win, I'd like "The Virgin Suicides" by Jeffrey Eugenides, because I just read his "Middlesex" and LOVED it.

I'm running a contest too; come on by!
Hi Judy!

I'd like to enter the contest, if you have room.

I'd like:
All About Me
by Philipp Keel

I know, it's a weird selection. But I'm really into this self-discovery/answering questions about my life kick to pass on to my boys. *grin*

And you only THOUGHT I was strange. lol

Happy BAFAB week!
Andrea said…
I think BAFAB is such a great idea!

My book of choice is "Heart Shaped Box" by: Joe Hill
ikkinlala said…
I'd love to enter your contest - I'd like to win a copy of "How to Solve It: A New Aspect of Mathematical Method" by G. Polya (yes I know this is kind of a weird choice, but I've been wanting this book for a while).
Pamk said…
I would love to have Celestial Sessions Brianna by Judy Mays. Finally this book is in paperback lol i love ebooks but just need this one paperback
KimW said…
I'd love to win Decadent by Shayla Black.
robynl said…
A Piece of Heaven by Barbara Samuel please.
Dru said…
please enter me.

I would like "Crazy in Love" by Lani Diane Rich
diane said…
I love this special week. I would appreciate receiving Italian Lessons by Peter Pezzelli. Thanks for this special contest.
Angie-la said…
Wow! How cool is this??
Thanks for the opportunity.
I would love to have Dark Lover by J. R. Ward.
Count me in!

If I win, I would like The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Sutherland!

Nathalie said…
I would like to win The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Nassim Nicholas Taleb (it is on sale for less than $20)
Lily said…
I would like to win: Scandal Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee
Lila n. said…
Wow... what a nice contest :)
I would like to win Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer.
Alice Teh said…
Wow, I almost miss this, Judy! May I enter for book vouchers from Thanks... :D