Going Pink for October

,courtesy of Carol Sutton

You may have noticed that my blog looks a bit strange. I have decided to "go pink for October," mainly because I've just discovered that my cousin has breast cancer. I've not had the chance to talk with her, but my mom saw her this weekend and says she is in good spirits.

Ladies and gentlemen, please share with your loved ones the importance of regular breast examinations. Your life may depend on it.


Marianne Arkins said…
Oh, poor cousin. But, caught early enough, breast cancer is very treatable/cureable.

My mom is a forty year survivor of breast cancer (GO MOM!) and so I have had to go for mammograms since I was TWENTY-THREE y.o. and have managed to survive (though the DD asks now when I go, "Are you going to get your chest squished?"

Heart of Rachel said…
Hi Judy. Thanks for this caring reminder.

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. May God give her strength to face the challenges she might encounter.
Renee said…
Praying for your cousin and checkin the girls regularly. ;)