Tuesday Tired

:::YAWN::: Color me tired this morning... but happy. We had a great first day and the fun isn't over yet. Our winner was chosen for Day One of our Grand Opening party, the virtual refreshments have been replenished (what a hungry bunch y'all were) and the banners were put back up (whoever was swinging from the chandeleir... I hope you had fun!)

We have a new author interview up... a new contest...

yep, color me tired, but also color me

Also color me proud. Marianne's two current stories for The Wild Rose Press are BOTH in the current best-seller's list. WHOO-HOO! If you haven't bought "Magic" or "Pregnancy Cravings" yet... what are you waiting for? They are awesome! It's the best $1.50 per story you could spend... trust me.
You Are 35% Addicted to Blogthings

Okay, so you know how to take and post a Blogthing.
But you're no addict. (Hey, this quiz *proves* it!)
For you, Blogthings is more of a healthy habit.
At least, that's what you tell yourself!

~One reason I'm not as addicted as Marianne is that I swipe them from her.. more than going to the source, as it were. I HAVE been more addicted, though.... when I first started blogging! Evidence: this, this, this, and this. Hmmmm... I had forgotten that last one. Wouldn't that make a great pen name? Or a character for my Irish story... if I ever get around to working on it?


Allie Boniface said…
You guys rock...the site is awesome!