August Happiness Challenge- Day Fourteen

I have some super happy news. Two of my writing friends, Charity and Darcy, have just announced they have an agent for their collaborative work. Read about it here. I've read bits and pieces of it and I'm waiting with anticipation to read the new version (uhhhh... ladies.. that IS a hint!).

Go over to Charity's and offer them both your congratulations. It is well deserved and way past time!

And, don't forget to register for the contest on the sticky note.


Charity said…
Thanks so much. It still feels a little weird, but I'm sure I'll get used to it at some point.

Heather said…
Grats to your friends on the agent! That's a huge first step!
Anonymous said…
Hey, thanks Judy! I'm still pinching myself ;^)

NeoAuteur said…
That's a great news. Congrats to both Charity & Darcy.