August Happiness Challenge- Day Eight

Happy day today. I'm sorry this is a late post (and, Marianne, I'm not sure why my post time-dated so late... that was weird. I'll check on it), but we haven't been home from work long. So... I'm happy to be home. I got to do something really cool today, though. I went up in the bucket truck for the first time ever and it was like riding an amusement park ride! I can't wait to go back up :-)

Another happy thing... when I got home there was a message on my answering machine. Two books I've been waiting to get to the library.... ARE IN! (Lianne, I get to start on Book Four of the Outlander books!!!!) In case you haven't heard of Diana Gabaldon and her Outlander series, go here to read a good review.

And... a very special happy thing... tomorrow is my friend Jill's birthday. Please go over there and tell her happy birthday. She's going through a not-so-great time and a lot of birthday greetings will perk her up, I think. So... please go tell her "Happy Birthday" :-)

One last thing that makes me happy today..... I'm about to head off to bed. Night, all.


CDPJ said…
Aren't you just the sweetest! Thanks, Judy! You're the best!!
kailani said…
A good night's sleep would make me happy, too!
Margaret said…
I soooo need and have already said that I would join in on this Challenge.

...and it is surely a challenge so far this month. I don't believe I've ever complained so much. =O(