The Voting Has Started

Go here to cast your vote in the Bloggy Hoss Award. It may be possible for you to cast a vote every day, so give it a try. AND.... this post will show you the awesome button the winner gets to post on their site. Is that super cool or what?

Okay... enough with the pimping for today. I need to save some enthusiasm for the rest of the contest, 'cause believe me... I will be reminding you!


We returned home from our vacation yesterday, My friend, Lianne, asked how long the drive home was. My response: "If we leave here and drive directly home, it's a three and a half hour trip. We can sometimes make it in as little as six or seven."

What can I say? We like to see new things and find new ways to go. Now, if there's an emergency or we HAVE to be somewhere at a certain time or for a special event, we can do it. But, it's not what we prefer. Traveling that way reminds me of when I was a kid and I would travel with my grandparents to see my cousins. My grandfather was the type of driver who just wanted to get there. He wouldn't stop for anything except to eat and get gas. Eons ago, when I was a kid, there weren't fast food places on every corner (yeah.. I know... and we didn't have computers either! or cable TV! You know... the dark ages???) If we had a long trip, we packed sandwiches. Anyway, I digress. The deal was... if you needed to potty... you do it when we stop for gas. Period. If you missed that window or opportunity (or, as was much more likely, you had to go AGAIN before the car needed gas) you were up the proverbial creek. So... traveling with a man who not only doesn't mind frequent potty stops, but also who likes to stop just to look at something interesting in a small town, is a treat!

Speaking of interesting things. If you are ever in Pelham, Georgia, and want to know how far you are from... say, Casablanca, the citizens have made it easy for you.

We went through towns with interesting names: Cotton and Sale City, to name a couple.(Sorry, Cotton, I know you are a real location, but the Internet didn't want to cooperate). I wanted to go to Climax, because of this, but Bob said we needed to actually try to go somewhat in the direction of home. And, we also managed to miss Two Egg, Florida. Bob doesn't know it yet, but our next trip down to the coast is going to be routed through there! I have to get pictures to share with y'all.

Anyway, we're back home. I have a bit of laundry to do and a lot of yard work to catch up on, a short story to do last edits on AND a novella to do last edits on before they are submitted on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed... nah, don't do that. It's awful hard to vote with crossed fingers!


Tori Lennox said…
ROFL re the sign in Pelham! Always good to know how far those foreign cities are. *g*

I was lucky in that we always did meandering vacations. We never got in too much of a hurry.
Heart of Rachel said…
Hi Judy. I came from Kailani's site earlier and voted for you. Good luck!

Thanks for sharing photos of your trip. Hope you had a nice time. Those are interesting town names indeed.

Take care!
CDPJ said…
Welcome back! Hope you had a nice trip. I have already voted for you at Kailani's. Good luck!!
Mert said…
Pimpin' is hard! ;)

I think a lot of people our age must have experienced the "go now or regret it later" attitude of the adults we were forced to travel with. We also packed food for our trips and it was very common for us to get up and leave at 4 in the morning so that us kids would sleep a few more hours on the road.

I much prefer to travel like you, to take it easy and be able to stop whenever to see sights. Sounds like you had a nice trip!

I voted for ya and will every day. :D
Gay said…
A friend of mine still has the "go now or regret it" attitude while travelling. I've done 2800 km in 4 days with him in Europe (horse shopping), and he's brutal. I think I have the world's smallest bladder, and I'm a coffee-addict... bad combo. I can last about 2 hours. I'm not above threatening to pee on the leather upholstery when desperate; he's grumped, but it worked. His wife was grateful.

I tell you, though, at home, I will NOT ride with him on the longer trips. NO WAY.

Glad you had a nice vakay. Welcome back.