And We Have a Winner!

Drum roll, please. The winner of this quarter's BAFABW is my good friend, Gay Walker. Gay, email me your book of choice and I'll get it right out to you! And.. congratulations.

I want to thank all of you who made this contest so much fun. You all gave me some wonderful suggestions for new reads, and I've already started taking advantage of them :-).

Yesterday and today have been very lazy days, in one sense, but very busy days in others. I've been trying to whittle down my TBR list of books for LASR and have three more to go. The one I did yesterday was awesome. The review's not up yet, but suffice it to say I had to force myself at the end of each chapter to get up and get some "housewifely" things accomplished. And... those things HAD to be done. I promise you this, though, you've never seen me clean as fast as I did. I was sooo ready to get back to the story!

I have a bad tendency when I get a book I really enjoy to let everything else take the proverbial trip in a handbasket. And, since we stay so busy with our business, it leaves little time to take care of the regular, run-of-the-mill household chores. Let's not even get started on things like reorganzing the pantry and linen closets! So... I had decided yesterday it was the pantry's turn. Rewarding myself with a new chapter in an exciting book after each shelf was completed turned out the be the way to go. I was able to finish a book I enjoyed (and needed to read for LASR) AND have a freshly organized pantry as well. Not bad for a Saturday's work, huh?

What organizational tips do you have to make household chores go faster?


Gay said…
I'm really excited about winning. Now I just have to narrow down my choices to just one. That may take a day or two, but I'll decide on something.

I've been on restriction lately until I make a dent on my TBR pile.