A New Weekly Meme

I'm in the midst of reading for pleasure and for reviews. (NOTE: We are looking for guest reviewers for The Long and Short of It. It means (a) a link back to your own blog and (b) FREE ebooks! Who can turn down free??? Hurry over, click on the link, and let Marianne know you would be interested. She's the lady with the loot :-))

Anyway, when I read, I have trouble writing. It's like all my limited, blonde brain cells get used up. I've recently discovered that... strange, huh?

Because I'm busy reading and don't have the imagination right now God gave a gnat AND because there's nothing particularly interesting going on in my life right now, I've discovered a new Tuesday meme to hopefully entertain you. Check over at Tina's Tuesdays for interesting questions to answer on Tuesdays.

Topic: Summertime

1. Do you have any plans for the summer? We are hoping to spend a week down at the shore for 4th of July. We might also go up to visit our girls in August. That's still to be determined. More updates later on that. Other than that, we plan to work.

2. Do you prefer to relax on a beach and swim, or go camping in the outdoors? The beach, preferably with a book and a nice long cold drink. I enjoy camping as well, but not during the summer. It's too hot.

3.If you could name three things you wanted to accomplish this summer, what would they be? a. get our bathrooms finished (we've been remodeling them for months b. by the end of the summer have three short stories submitted (one a month) and one of my novels finished.... I guess I should stop reading! (not really) c. lose another fifteen pounds... that would put me within fifteen pounds of my goal.

Come and play along, if you like.


colleen said…
I find when I start reading I don't get far because it stimulates my urge to write. But it's also true for me that once I'm immersed in a book, I don't write. I've about given up on the stack of books I've collected that are waiting to be read. I need a desert island!

I am your visitor from michele's.
archshrk said…
Hello, Michele sent me.

I'm not a big fan of memes (mostly because my answers suck) but I like the idea of casually answering some post-prompting questions. If I participate, I'll let you know.
Dee said…
Strange. Tonight, my family and I were talking about going to Raleigh next summer for a family vacation. Well, it would be one of the places - and we would drive. EEK.
MommyBa said…
I hope you will be able to accomplish all your plans this summer. :)

Mert said…
I'm insecure so that is why i haven't been continuing my story for 3WW, lol! I'm such a dork.

I hope you can get all of your goals accomplished this summer. Keep trucking on the weight loss GF! :D