First and Last

I found this meme at The Daily Meme. Monday mornings are not the best time for my brain to be working (especially on only one cup of coffee) and Monday Madness isn't up yet... so.... here's "First and Last" for your viewing pleasure. If you want to play along, feel free to go here and grab the already coded format (I love already coded formats) and let me know you are playing along. I would love to come and visit you!

  • First job:babysitting. Oh, you mean a real job? I worked one summer in the bookstore in the mall: Mr. B's. It was great fun.

  • First screen name: same, pretty much, as now: maracuja

  • First funeral: I may have been to others but the first one I remember was my grandmother's funeral. I was 15.

  • First pet:We had a dachshound named Greta... my grandparents bred them. Unfortunately, she was stolen from our fenced in yard one weekend

  • First piercing: I had my ears pierced when I was 18... as soon as I could without my mom's permission. She didn't mind me doing it, but she said she wasn't going to sign for me to have any more holes in my head

  • First tattoo: still hasn't happened

  • First credit card:I got some kind of store credit card while in college. I don't remember the name of the store, but the first thing I bought was a stereo system

  • First kiss:Boy, do I remember this... and not in a good way. His name was David and he liked me. I didn't like him so much. We were at a church adult choir party (both our moms were in the choir) and he asked me to walk around the house with him. When we did, he stopped me and gave me a kiss...not a sweet little kiss. Tongue and all... right off the bat. I nearly gagged! (note: it got better... but not with him!)

  • First enemy: I don't remember ever having any enemies. Does that make me a boring person?

  • Last car ride: Saturday... we had to go look at a tree we're taking down this week

  • Last kiss:Last night, from my husband. (much better than the first kiss, in case you were wondering

  • Last movie watched: My Favorite Wife (what can I say... we like old movies)

  • Last beverage drank:still drinking.. my morning coffee

  • Last food consumed:Strawberry pie, last night for dessert

  • Last phone call: our daughter, Beth, called yesterday afternoon to chat a bit

  • Last time showered: yesterday morning

  • Last CD played: Andrew Lloyd Webber's Songbook

  • Last website visited:<"">Marianne's blog

  • Single or taken:taken

  • Gender:female

  • Birthday:March 22

  • Sign: Aries

  • Siblings: one sister

  • Hair color:blonde

  • Eye color:blue

  • Shoe size:5 1/2

  • Height: 5'2"

  • Wearing: too much

  • Drinking: coffee

  • Thinking about: finishing this and getting dressed to go to work

  • Listening to: the hum of the refrigerator


Renee said…
cute meme! I may have to try that...yours made me do some thinking.
Uisce said…
what's on that ALW disc -- I love show tunes!
Tori Lennox said…
Fun meme!
Mert said…
You had me cracking up with the first kiss thing, too funny! I'm pretty sure I had the same experience.
Allie Boniface said…
I'm definitely borrowing this meme!
Margaret said…
This is a great meme. I'll have to do it since i"m brain fried a bit this evening.

Strawberry Pie - oh, you're bad. =O) (j/k)
Heart of Rachel said…
Hi Judy. Thanks for sharing this interesting meme. It's nice to learn new things about you.

Have a splendid weekend. Take care!
Orhan Kahn said…
Awesome meme, I must say :)