Blog Fodder #20

Blog Fodder is back! Actually, it was back last week, but I had a hectic hectic week and flat didn't get to it. (Forgive me, Moogie?) Anyway, here is the latest edition of Blog Fodder:

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When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up and why?

I always wanted to be a writer and a teacher (with a brief spell of thinking maybe journalism...that didn't last long). What changed was what ages I wanted to teach. When I got old enough to start thinking seriously about it, I first wanted to be a high school teacher. I dearly loved all my high school English teachers and I wanted to be just like them. However, something happened to the kids between the time I got out of high school and the time I did my student teaching. I did my student teaching in a high school in a bigger city than I grew up in and the classes I was in... well, they ranged from remedial English (do they use that term any more??) to an honors drama class. I LOVED the drama class. The other classes... not so much. The attitude of the kids was horrible. They didn't want to be there... and unfortunately I was not "Sir". I may have given up too quickly, but after going back to the dorm crying every night, I dropped the last two education classes I needed and got my undergraduate degree in strictly English. Teenagers are fine in the individual sense, but I don't enjoy them in large groups. I admire those like Allie who choose to work with them.

I found in teaching my first and best love is the preschool and early elementary years. Give me a 3-8 year old and I have the most marvelous time! Maybe it's because I've never really grown up... what do you think?

I fulfilled my dream of teaching and am working on my dream of being a "rich and famous" writer. I'm writing and submitting (not as often on the latter as I should... which my good friend, Marianne frequently reminds me of).

And, speaking of my good friend, Marianne, don't forget to check out The Long and Short of It if you are looking for hints on some good reads.


Renee said…
I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I think now that I know, that I didn't know then because my choice wasn't respected by my Mother...and it still isn't.
It wasn't until I became a Mom that I figured out that was what I was meant to be.
But as a kid my Mom always pushed me to be the "Have it all 70's -80's woman." ya know, Girl Power and all that jazz. The first time I had any inkling of a career choice it wasn't what I wanted, but what I thought would make my Mom happy.
Now that I'm here and happy as a clam my Mom is still pushing me to finish college so that I can get a career. *eyeroll!* I don't want that, I don't need that and if ever I do need a job I have enough skills to get one that I like well enough. Oh well...that's my story.
zhasha said…
i've always wanted to be a lawyer or politician.. but when I became an adult, i dropped the the idea of bein' a politician.. i can't live dirty!

now, am not a lawyer either its not because i dropped the idea of bein one, but i think am not ready to face that challenge yet.. that vocation is so demanding.. i would love to spend more time with my hubby and lil kiddo instead..

so, now if you'll ask me what do i wanna be.. hmmm... i'll have a straight answer... I wanna be a full time WIFE and MOMMY..

hope you would fulfill your dream of bein' a writer.. you sure do have great talent.. Your entries here in the blog always impress me! don't forget to send me a copy of your best selling novel.. Alright?

regards! and hugs to you judy!
Rob said…
I have to take my metaphorical hat off to any one who wants to teach and does well at it given what children are like these days.

If I were to teach then I'd have to agree - I'd want to go for the younger years where the biggest differences are made rather than the older years when kids have more of an attitude and are more difficult to educate.

I did the Blog Fodder this week too!
I wanted to be a mommy full time, second choice was a preschool teacher, but when I 'grew up',I was too shy to try it. At work I loved tutoring/coaching adults, but when the actual job was offered as a full time trainer I couldn't let myself take it. I later tutored adult literacy and hope to return to it. Don't regret not teaching kids though, life takes interesting turns on its own sometimes.

I admire anyone who can teach a group of kids - of any age.
Allie Boniface said…
Growing up, I went through several stages: doctor, lawyer, actress, psychiatrist. Writer was always in that list, too.

Teacher came much later. People always told me I should be one, but I never thought it was "prestigious" enough. I majored in English in college and did my student teaching as something "to fall back on" if best-selling author didn't happen overnight.

What can I say? I fell in love with teaching. And yes, I prefer the older kids hands-down to the younger ones. Maybe it's cuz I don't have kids of my own, but I don't know what to do with small children, and they make me nervous. You can talk to teens, and they get your sarcasm and your jokes (most of the time). And sadly, many of them are in desperate need of parenting that they're not getting at home, where Mom & Dad want to be friends first and disciplinarians second.

Funny where you end up. The universe has plans for us that we never dream of, sometimes!
Radioactive Jam said…
There's something to be said for never really growing up, and that something is "yes!"