Welcome to another installment from Bone.
Welcome to Three Word Wednesday. Each week, I will post three (or more) random words. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write something using all of those words. It can be a few lines, a story, a poem, anything. I'll also attempt to write something using the same three words.

Leave a comment if you participate. Many fun and interesting people might visit your blog.

This week's words are:
(Yep, you''re seeing right… this week's 3WW has four words. A challenging milestone!

Julie Townsend ran her fingers through her tangled red hair, pulling it back into a messy bun and securing the mass of hair with a pencil. She had told herself she would cut it all off when she turned forty, but forty had come and gone and she still had her hair. It was just easier than dealing with hair dryers and curling irons. So what if some people said she was too old to wear her hair that long? It was her hair and if she wanted to look silly, so be it.

She picked up the list of ingredients and studied it carefully. It would not do to forget an essential ingredient. Her teacher told her that every item was important when trying to produce a magic potion. It wasn't like cooking where you could toss in any old thing and make a success. Well, in a way it was, but what you made might not … no, probably wouldn't… have the effect you were after. She giggled as she thought of making a potion which would turn you into a frog instead of merely making you green. It seemed a silly homework assignment, anyway, she admitted to herself. Why and when would you WANT to turn someone green? She could easily think of people she wouldn't mind turning into a frog, though.

Let's see:
"half a dropper essential oil of patchouli". She only had oil of almond, but surely that wouldn't make much difference. The oil was only used as a carrier, anyway. "half a dropper essential oil of black pepper." Check. "a pinch of valerian root." Check. "a pinch of black poodle dog hair." Check. " a pinch of black mustard seeds." Maybe not quite a pinch, but surely it will be enough. "a pinch of spanish moss." Check. "a pinch of mullein." Mullein? What the heck was mullein? She checked her botanical. Oh, yes, now she remembered. Velvet plant. Check. "a pinch of powdered sulphur." Ewww. That stinks! "nine whole black peppercorns." She had seven. Well, that will have to do. She was running too late and she needed to get to class.

She repeatedly chanted the spell she'd been given as she added the ingredients one by one to the boiler on top of her stove. Steam and smoke billowed as she added the last ingredient, causing her to choke and cough. As the smoke cleared, she caught sight of herself in the mirror.

Oh, dear, she thought Maybe she shouldn't have used the oil of almonds after all.


gautami said…
What did she see in the mirror?

I like the ending!
Renee said…
Ut oh! Vivid scenes from Hogwarts popping into my head. LOL

Very cute.
I want to know what she saw! In spite of my curiosity, I loved the ending point. Now, what did she see?

My husband would say she concocts magic the way I cook and probably with similar results.
Gay said…
Oh dear, and we must imagine what's become of poor Julie? A speckled newt, perhaps? Or worse? I have visions of a female Neville Longbottom.

And congratulations for being first.
Bone said…
LOL Had me laughing Judy.

Mullein? I think that's what killed Socrates.
Traveling Chica said…
Oh I want to know! I want to know!

I always wanted to be a witch...
Margaret said…
This is the first I've heard of 3WW. A great writing exercise. I'll have to try it sometime.