I'm on my way out...

... we're going to the shore! Yea!! We've been SO busy this week, we really need a break.

The internet connection is iffy down there, so I don't plan on blogging over the holiday. HOWEVER, I have a contest for you. This one is different from any I've had before.

I'm having a problem with a character in my story. I need your help to figure him out. He's holding a grudge against a girl from high school. Now, this guy is in his thirties. You'd have figured he would get over himself, wouldn't you? Now, I don't know what this girl did to him, but he's STILL hot about it and wants to make her life miserable. Your assignment, Mr. Phelps, if you choose to accept it, is to tell me what she did to him. Leave your answer in the comments and there will be a drawing of all the suggestions when I get back on Tuesday. The winner will receive a book of their choice from Amazon ($20 limit, please). And, as an added benefit, the suggestion I like the most will appear in my newest book, along with an acknowledgement to the suggester (is that even a word?).

And, now... stolen from Marianne:

Your Score: Carole Lombard

You scored 16% grit, 19% wit, 42% flair, and 35% class!

You're a little bit of a fruitcake, but you always act out in style. You have a good sense of humor, are game for almost anything, but you like to have nice things about you and are attracted to the high life. You're stylish and modern, but you've got a few rough edges that keep you from attaining true sophistication. Your leading men include William Powell, Fredric March, and Clark Gable. Watch out for small planes.

Find out what kind of classic leading man you'd make by taking the Classic Leading Man Test.

Link: The Classic Dames Test written by gidgetgoes on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Have a great Memorial Day and I'll see y'all on Tuesday!


Tori Lennox said…
Have fun at the shore this weekend!

Things the girl could have done to your guy... Hmm. The thing that popped into my head first (and I'm not sure I want to know why *g*) is laughing at either his sexual prowess or his "equipment". I could see a guy holding a grudge a long time over something like that, I think.

And, hey, Carole Lombard is a class act. It was a shame she died so young. She was married to Clark Gable, did you know?
Renee said…
Well my guess was the same as Tori's only I have the whole story worked out.

See the guy and the girl went out once, but they never did anything. The girl was miffed that they didn't do anything so she spread a rumor among her friends that his equipment was very much lacking in size. The guy was mad because this was somewhat true and no other girls would go out with him in high school because they had already heard the news.
He's still mad about it in his 30's because their reunion is coming up, and he's still single and presumed still a virgin.

How's that?
Clockworkchris said…
To start off with-I linked you up. Now I am married, just recently, but I held some major grudges for a while. The worst was in college so I will use myself for the idea. He met her and they began dating and both told each other the usual crap-"I love you and all that BS," stuff you say in high school that you don't mean, only he did. He wrote her poems professing his love, he bought her jewelry, paid for every date, and worked himself to death to afford all of this. This whole time she was seeing someone on the side for sex only while telling main guy that she wanted to wait until marriage for that. He had offer after offer to date other women but turned them all down because of his deep committment to her. When the crap hit the fan everyone in the school knew before he did and the breakup was as far from clean as possible. She, along with her friends teased him until HS ended and he moved far away to college to escape his bad reputation but she began posted all of his love letters and poems one at a time on the internet with his real name. Her site became popular and she began posting pictures as well. He had loved her so much he could not press charges and put her in jail, but vowed to get her back someday and as another reunion was approaching he still could not find many women who did not at least have friends who had read about him online. He did remain a virgin because of her evil nature and it seemed he would be forever. The sadest part was that he still loved her. That was the only thing he knew for sure.
Just in case-I don't want anything-I just enjoy contests and stories. This made me smile a lot. I exagerated a bit of course from my story.
Marianne Arkins said…
I would have to imagine that he has a HUGE ego and that she did something to puncture it. Public humiliation is always the answer. Like, he asked her to the prom on the football scoreboard and she shot him down in front of the entire school. Or he bared his soul to her in some ad in the newspaper on Valentine's Day and she ended up dating someone else. I think a grudge that long would require other people to be in on his humiliation. BUT... if he was publically humiliated, he sucked it up and no one knew how bad he was hurt. Maybe he started a scrapbook of her and built the rage up. He would have to be doing something over the past years to keep the grudge hot for so long -- a scrapbook, a journal, etc.

Good luck. And, yeah, I put your post on my blog! Have a wonderful weekend :-)
kailani said…
I am sooo not good at things like this. That's why I read books and not write them. hee hee.

Have a wonderful vacation!
Margaret said…
I think the guy is imagining things. Trying to read between the lines but unknowingly holding the paper upside down. If you know what I mean.


Hehe, "shore." I thought only us Jerseyites used that word. Enjoy your weekend.
Mert said…
Hi Judy! First off I just wanted to say that you absolutely were not the one to bother me on my blog. :D You're too kind to do something like that!

Hmm, your story. I think the ultimate betrayal would be for the girl to cheat on your character with his best friend.

Or maybe she blamed the character for something she actually did that got him suspended from school and the sport he was playing (football, wrestling etc), ultimately costing him a scholarship.

I hope you had a really nice and relaxing vacation!