A Fun Auction

I discovered this site from Jill's blog and thought I would check it out. How much fun it is! It's not your normal auction. Instead of trying to bid higher than anyone else, you try to bid lower... and a bid that nobody else chooses. There are a lot of great prizes: a plasma TV and home theater package, a car (a BMW... wow), a Logitech package, and many many more. I would really like to win the TV... in fact, I'm bidding on it as we speak! Our TV is on its last legs and it would be a great Father's Day surprise for hubby if I were to win this prize for him!

You don't have to pay anything to join, however if you want to become a premium member and be able to text your bids in, you can. Premium members also have unlimited bids/month.

Check lowest bid out, and have fun!

EDITED TO ADD: Jill informed me I was WRONG (oh, horror of horrors... it's never happened to me before.... anyone believe that?). Turns out she's right.... I messed up and confused my writing blogfriends. I actually ripped this post off Karen. Sorry, Karen! But... both these ladies are beautiful and talented... see how I got confused?


Jill said…
Thanks for the linkage, Judy, but I don't think you read about that site on my blog. Unless I blogged about it sub-consciously because reading your entry was the first I heard about it :-)
Jill said…
There's a first time for everything ;-)

p.s. I did the 8 things about me meme today...