Favorites Meme

Favorites meme
Stolen from Uisce (with his full permission and blessing!)

TIME OF DAY: 10 pm (or there abouts) when Bob and I go to bed. Snuggle time ;-)

DAY OF THE WEEK: Sunday. We have a lazy day... watch British mysteries I've DVR'ed and have British food for dinner

SEASON: Spring. I love the warmth after winter and the new growth and my garden

HOLIDAY: Christmas

BEACHES: I like the beach down on St. George Island. It's just across the bridge from where we have our place at Eastpoint. We like it more for the fishing than the beaching though.

SONG: Bantry Bay, from Phil Coulter's Forgotten Dreams. Everytime I hear that song, it takes me back to my trip to Ireland.

FLOWER: Roses and Orchids.

TALK SHOW: I don't watch talk shows.

MOVIE: Casablanca... the non-colorized version.

SOAPS: Anything that smells fresh, not soapy

BEVERAGE: Diet Coke (exciting, huh?)

FRUIT: Granny Smith apples... with salt

SNACK: Unfortunately for my weight's sake, potato chips and dip

FOOD: I have a lot of favorites here... depending on my mood I enjoy Italian, Mexican, or Chinese. It would be easier to tell you what foods I don't like: beets/coconut. Yep, that's it.

RESTAURANT: The Grill in Apalachicola. They have the world's best oyster po'boy... hmmmmmm.... we go just about every trip down to the shore.

Feel free to play along and leave a note either here or here (or both)!

Now... I know you have all been anxiously awaiting the winner of my contest. There were some great ideas and y'all really helped me with this dilemma (didn't dilemma used to be spelled dilemna?) The winner of the book prize is: Margaret. Congratulations!!!

And, which scenerio did I pick for Fiona's Dream? You'll have to wait til the book comes out for that ;-)


Renee said…
this one is going around! Uisce got it from me (or rather my DD) and we got it from The Meezers (cat blog!) who got it from someone. LOL

It's very cute though.
Margaret said…
Oooh, Happy Day. (I'd use exclaimation point but somebody stole my keyboard "one" button. The only way to get an exclaimation point would be to hold down the shift key and poke the hole where the key used to be, with a pen. Alas, someone also stole my pen from my desk. Leaving me without a pointy instrument to utilize. A matter at this precise frustrating moment, may benefit the suspected pen and keyboard button thief.)

I think I'll let you choose. My Amazon Wish List should link here.
Margaret said…
Ooh, btw... I'm gonna borrow your Meme. =O)
Jay said…
Hehe, "non-colorized version" ...funny, but true, actually. It just doesn't feel authentic once it's been "restored".
Heart of Rachel said…
Interesting meme. I love going to the beach too. I love playing in the sand with my son, snorkelling with my husband and watching the sunset.

I'm addicted to Diet Coke. I love having frozen margarita when I'm out for drinks with friends.