Friday's Feast

Friday's Feast
Better late than never

What is your favorite kind of bread? Homemade... fresh out of the oven and dripping with butter... mmmmmm

When was the last time you bought a new pillow? We bought new pillows a few months ago... I guess it's actually been nearly a year ago. We bought them for our place down at the shore and we've had it almost a year now. Boy, the time has gone by fast.

Approximately how many hours per week do you spend surfing the ‘net? Not as many as I would like! I usually spent about a hour a night reading blogs and visiting my writing groups. I try to spend any other time I have on the computer writing.

Main Course
What’s the highest you remember your temperature being?My temperature got up to 104 when I had the flu a couple of years ago.

Fill in the blanks: When I ____________, I _____________.
When I write, I live.


Wow. Great feast. I really liked your dessert. I feel like that too. My feast is now up if you would like to join.
Allie Boniface said…
Love your dessert!!
Heart of Rachel said…
I missed FF again but nice set of questions. I like Foccacia bread dipped in some olive oil, basil and balsamic vinegar. It's been a while since I bought a new pillow. I just love my old ones and don't want to part with them yet. :)

This is off topic but just wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog regarding "Friendship Gone Astray." Yes, friendships come and go and I'm grateful for my friends who have been there with all these years.

Thanks for the lovely postcard Judy. Take care!