Lots of fun things going on in the blogosphere these days. Check them out and take advantage of them.

Wendy is having a "casting call audition." Go over and play with her. You can play as often as you want.

BeaGoodDad is having a very interesting contest. It seems he has a new favorite number. It's…. are you ready for this? 205! How super cool is that? Your mission… if you choose to accept it… is to figure out why. He has clues (of sorts) posted and everything. My theory is posted below.

Tomorrow is the start of The Ultimate Blog Party and it's not too late to get involved. And, thanks to Amydeanne, all the participants win a prize. How can you pass up a chance like this?

Now… my thoughts of BeaGoodDad's reason for newly liking the numeral 205:
Beagooddad has been looking into his former lives. He discovered that his soul got lost in the shuffle and, instead of being reincarnated immediately, he's been wandering around the Ethernet since the year 205. That's when he, as Gaius Fulvius Plautianus, was assassinated, thus enabling him to become who he is today. It all fits. Plautianus had a son and daughter. Beagooddad has a son and daughter. Plautianus was married. Beagooddad is married. And, what of his clues? How do they fit in? Well, as he himself has said, the clues may, or may not, fit. Here are the ones I think DO fit.
-Prices sure are high again at the gas station.-- Plautianus used to HAVE gas whenever he would eat spaghetti.
I subscribe to a lot of blogs. Plautianus is being talked about on at least this blog.
It’s tax time, isn’t it? The Romans, of which Plautianus is a member, collected taxes.
We pay a flat rate for gas for our house all year round. They adjust once a year. We increased the attic insulation last summer. See clue one.
My sister is getting married this summer. My kids are going to be the ring bearer and the flower girl. More people are invited to my sister’s wedding than we invited to mine and BeAGoodMom’s Plautianus had a lot of people at his wedding too.

So…. I think it's very clear and everything points to this being the correct answer.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said…
Visiting from Wendy's....comments aren't being to friendly right now.

I am looking foward to the Blog Party...though I may just have to visit the blogs of others & have them comment on my old content for a while. Blogger also thinks that I am SPAM right now.

Can blogging possibly be more difficult for me right now???
Anonymous said…
I have never read ShadowKeep. Does it still exist???