Personality Test Results

We have a dear friend having surgery this morning, so I need to get dressed and to the hospital. So, for your enjoyment.... I stole this from my daughter:

Bekah took a personality test and posted it on her MySpace and I thought it would be fun to do the same

thing here. I took the long version of the Jung/Enneagram Pesonality Test.

Here are my results:

color="black">ESFP - "Entertainer". Radiates attractive warmth and optimism. Smooth, witty, charming, clever. Fun to be with. Very generous. 8.5% of

the total population.
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align="center"> Main type

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Type 1 Perfectionism |||||||||||| 43%
Type 2 Helpfulness
Type 3 Image Awareness ||||||||||||||
width="30"> 56%
Type 4 Sensitivity |||||| 26%
Type 5 Detachment |||||||||| 36%
Type 6 Anxiety ||||||||||
width="30"> 36%
Type 7 Adventurousness |||||||||||| 43%

Type 8
Aggressiveness |||||| 23%
Type 9 Calmness
Your main type is 2
Your variant is social
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Just thought it would be interesting. Why don't you check it out and let us know what YOUR results are?


Bluegrass Mama said…
Oh, I can't stomach the thought of a test right now! But I'll browse around some more if you don't mind.

Oh, and Michele sent me.
Uisce said…
I love these things!!

ISTJ - "Trustee". Decisiveness in practical affairs. Guardian of time- honored institutions. Dependable. 11.6% of total population.

type score type behavior motivation
9 22 I must be peaceful and easy to get along with to be happy.
5 21 I must be knowledgable and independent to be happy.
2 18 I must be helpful and caring to be happy.
1 17 I must be perfect and good to be happy.

You scored as Type 9
Your variant is self pres