First Day of New Blogging

I had trouble with my links in the post last night. For some reason, when I added the code, it was found necessary by the powers-that-be to add additional code. Is this something I can expect here now? I have heard that one of the things I can look forward to is the ability to post "sticky notes." Now THAT I've been looking forward to. I guess it's just going to be a matter of trying things out and seeing what works.

I do have a problem I was hoping the new blogger would fix, but apparently it hasn't. On my computer... for some reason, all of a sudden, my sidebar starts WAY down. You have to scroll all the way down past the posts to see it. Does it show up that way on everyone's computer? And.... is there some blogger/computer guru out there who can help me fix it? EDIT: I updated my template... and that seemed to help the problem. Now I have another problem... I have to go and redo my blogrolls and such. New Blogger "says" they saved my old template, so I should be able to go cut and paste... right?

Great. I've just gotten a message that the page cannot connect to I guess my internet has gone down. I'm opening a new tab, as we speak to see if it's a blogger problem or an internet problem. I'm guessing an internet problem because it's taking forever to connect. I guess I need to get up and go reset the modem. Sigh. Bob has spoiled me with this laptop. I can sit in my recliner and do all my typing.... sigh. Oh, well.... let me go see if I can fix the problem.

Problem solved! Yea.... I'm such a problem-solving babe. Now, all I need to do is face the problem in my WIP.... characters can throw such surprises at you, can't they?


JayJenny said…
Hi Judy, thanks for visiting and the birthday wishes - it's nice to meet a new friend. I hope you like the new Blogger, I've been happy so far!
Marianne Arkins said…
I hate using the new template (I worked on another friends in it ... UGH) so haven't updated mine yet. I'm not in love with "new blogger" and if I could figure out WordPress I'd switch.

Did you notice that your LIbrary Thing link "random books" on your sidebar isn't working?

Have a good day!
Tori Lennox said…
I'm so glad I decided to go the Wordpress route instead of Blogger. It's a hassle to upgrade and get all your settings back the way you like, but once it's done you don't have to argue with it anymore. And the only time it ever goes down is when my web host service has problems. Which, fortunately, is almost never. :)
I was soooo scared to update to the new Blogger. I wasn't ever planning on updating, but the other day it made me upgrade in order to log on. Hmpfff.

Its worked well for me so far. Ooops, hope I didn't just jinx it.
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