Promote Your Friends Day

Today is "Promote Your Friends Day." No, stop googling it... you won't find it. I just made it up (at least I think I did... let ME go google it!) Whew... the closest I found is "Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day." Okay... as I was saying... Today is "Promote Your Friends Day" and I have two friends I 'specially want to promote. Please drop by their blogs and tell them congratulations.

Marianne, a member of the great writing group I belong to, just received her second (yes, second!) contract from The Wild Rose Press, for her short story, "Tickle Fights and Barbeques." I remember this story from its earliest incarnations and it's worth buying! I'll keep you informed when it gets up so YOU can go buy a copy. :-) Here's a link to her author page if you want to know a little more about Marianne.

And... I just found out that Mindy's first chapter of Hindsight took runner-up (with a great comment from the judge) in the Philadelphia City Paper. Read the chapter here. It's well worth the read!

Last today, but definitely not least, Sandra Ruttan's debut novel is available NOW at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Suspicious Circumstances is definitely on my "to read" list!

Please drop by and tell these three talented ladies hi and congratulations.


promoting friends and writers! what a great idea. thanks for dropping by my blog earlier.
Sandra Ruttan said…
Judy, thank you so much. That is so thoughtful of you to mention my book, and Mindy, and now I need to check out Marianne!
M. G. Tarquini said…
Ah, Judy! Thank you so, so much. And I'm right behind Sandra on checking out Marianne!
Marianne Arkins said…
Thanks Judy... I think I'll borrow your idea for tomorrows blog. Then it'll be a huge hit and people will Google it by the thousands, and you'll be invited onto Letterman... and...

Geez, no wonder I'm a writer.
anno said…
What a lovely idea! Thanks so much for the leads to some wonderful writers.